Four Best Stag Bars in Edinburgh

A stag do is a special occasion that deserves a special city to throw it in, and Edinburgh fits the bill very nicely. Four Best Stag Bars in EdinburghThankfully, Edinburgh managed to escape the worst of the WW1 air raids, so loads of historic buildings are still intact. This creates an awesomely unique look that's straight out of fantasy, especially with the iconic Edinburgh castle overseeing the city.

Edinburgh is also home to the funniest festival in Britain; the famous Fringe festival, where actors, comedians, dancers and more come from far and wide to entertain. Some are well recognised, some are rising stars, but all of them are brilliant.

As if all that wasn’t enough, Edinburgh boasts some of the best bars in the country, making it perfect for the grooms last night of freedom. It’s a big city with a whole lot of bars to choose from, so to help you make the most of your time in the ‘Athens of the North’, here’s a quick list of the four best stag bars in Edinburgh.

Bar Tonic is a well renowned cocktail bar which serves a wide array of the finest cocktails Scotland has to offer. It’s low lighting gives it a cool atmosphere that’s moody but in a good way. Things start out chilled but really pick up as the night goes on. As soon as you get a few of those award winning cocktails in you, you’re bound to up on the dance floor, making a fool of yourself and having a blast doing it.

The next contestant for the four best stag bars in Edinburgh goes by the name of Opal Lounge. A stylish bar, with a huge dance floor and colourful lighting, giving the place a great party vibe. Opal hosts great daily events which spice up the night in different ways. Some days are dedicated to specific genres such as ‘Clique’, which is all about hip hop and RnB, or ‘Mansion’ where special guest DJ’s turn up to make some noise. An incredible and refreshing clubbing experience.  

Then there’s a Lulu, a snazzy joint with a stylish look. It’s nice to see throwback to the classic days of clubbing with a multi-coloured dance floor. The suave VIP area makes Lulu a classy place to party while the drinks remain affordable. Like Opal Lounge, it has its own unique daily events that change up the vibe a little, ensuring no two nights are ever the same.  

Best Stag Do Bars EdinburghFinally, we have The Cabaret Volataire. As well as being one of the best bars in Edinburgh, it’s also one of the most unique. There’s so many things to do there, things you’d never expect to find in a bar or club. You’ve still got the traditional necessities of drinks and music of course, both of which Volataire does very well, but it goes way further than that. The Cabaret Volataire also hosts live gigs featuring up and coming bands. It also does life drawing. It also does Deep House Yoga. It also does sewing. Yep, sewing. Simply put, there is a LOT going on here. Variety is the spice of life and Volataire has it in spades.

Oh, and food. It has some great food too.

So get your kilt on, grab your bagpipes, pack a haggis lunch and call us at 0161 341 0052 to book a buzzing bar crawl through Auld Leekie. 

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