How to Find the Best Wedding Shoes for the Bride

How to Find the Best Wedding Shoes for the Bride

Fancy crossing wedding shoes off your floor-length wedding checklist?

With all the mega decisions you have to make during the planning period (planning an epic hen party being one of them), little things like finding the perfect wedding shoes can get pushed to the side. However, actually finding shoes you love and feel great in is a lot easier when you have a guide to go by. With this said, we’ve thrown together all the elements you need to remember when finding the perfect wedding shoes for you.

How to Choose Wedding Shoes

What’s your style?

First and foremost, your style is the primary factor that will influence what kind of bridal shoes you choose for the big day. Staying true to yourself will make you feel undeniably confident, and this encompasses the colour, heel height and style of the wedding shoe.

Find your dress

It’s not wise to purchase your shoes before your dress as the bride shoes are what should compliment the main event. Also, take note of any embel­lis­hments, lace or other details that might rule out certain styles of shoe. For example, if you have a fine lace train you’ll want to avoid shoes with pointy details at the back that may risk tearing your beautiful dress.

What height do you want?

Most likely if you’re soon-to-be wed you’ve already had a good bit of practice in different kinds of heel height. If you haven’t, keep to flat for maximum comfort – it’s a long day! Opt for the height you feel most comfortable in and remember you’ll be walking, talking and dancing in those bad boys.

The recommended height is between 3-4 inches so you’re not too far off your normal height and can still walk comfortably. However, if you want to aim higher, remember to get your dress length altered accordingly.

Explore colour too!

How to Find the Best Wedding Shoes for the Bride - Colour

Comfort in your venue

The venue is often forgotten when you’re dazzled by the stunning range of bridal shoes on offer, but it’s a very important factor to consider.

  • Is your wedding outdoors?
  • Will you need to walk over uneven ground e.g. gravel, grass, beach sand etc?
  • How loud is the floor you’ll be clicking across in heels? Do you care about this factor?

Best Wedding Shoes for the Bride

It can be hard to narrow down where to shop for your wedding shoes, but if you’re going online we can help. Here’s a short and sweet list of some of the best places to purchase the shoes for your big day, with both comfort and style in mind.

For traditional white, ivory & pearl coloured wedding shoes try Rainbow Club

If you’re looking for cute bows and COLOUR, Harriet Wilde is a must-try!

For brides on a budget, The Perfect Bridal Company will save you money without compromising quality

For the latest styles to hit the bridal world, John Lewis is a classic & is great for a last minute option too

Best Flat Wedding Shoes

How to Find the Best Wedding Shoes for the Bride - Flats

The most comfortable heels for the wedding is undeniably no heel at all. If you’re just not a heel gal for whatever reason, the market for the best flat wedding shoes is ever-expanding. From edgy Doc Martins to elegant dolly shoes, there’s something for every bride who wants to keep their feet firmly on the ground.

 Top Tip – Make sure you try on your dress with your flats – the last thing you want is to be tripping over down the aisle!

Best Designer Wedding Shoes

There are plenty of show-stopping designers to browse on the bride shoes UK market. Unlike the dress, your wedding shoes can be worn over and over as a lovely reminder of one of the happiest days of your life so far. This means it’s a fabulous area to splash the cash, thus a designer wedding shoe is ideal for a flare of luxe.

Our best designer wedding shoes UK

Make Sure You Wearing Your Wedding Shoes In

Obviously, when it gets to your wedding day you want your shoes to look brand new, shiny and wow the guests and your new hubby. However, not wearing your shoes in could introduce a whole world of pain for your poor feet. Think back to the first time you wore your new pair of heels on a night out and had to go home after the third drink – never again, right? We suggest wearing in your shoes a few times so they fit your foot shape better on the day.

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