Ideas for Feel Good Team Bonding

Not all team building ideas need to be a ten-mile hike or a brain taxing puzzle. Sometimes all you need for a strong team is some fun activities that build solid friendships. With that in mind, here are some feel good team bonding ideas to treat your team with.

Whenever I write about a really fun activity group activity, cocktail making is always the first thing that comes to mind.Feel Good Team Bonding Ideas It’s really no surprise that it’s one of our most popular team building activities by far. Everyone will get to make their own custom cocktails from scratch, all with the guidance of an experienced bartender. He or she will show everyone the tricks of the trade and how to use all the equipment. You could make a classic cocktail or your very own original creation. A ton of fun and the best way to kick off a staff night out.

Everybody love’s a good pizza and there’s no better way to treat a hard working team than a pizza making party. You’ll kick things off with a nice glass of prosecco and some lovely Italian nibbles before you head on over to the pizza making area. You’ll be making a fresh pizza from scratch. You’ll be taught how to toss dough and how to make your own calzone pizza. Choose your own toppings and enjoy a delicious DIY pizza with your colleagues in reserved seating. A fun way to treat your team to an end of year meal.

A relaxed and unique team building idea that’s great for a laugh, the nude life drawing team building activity is also the perfect way to bond with one another. Learn how to draw a nude male or female model realis­ti­cally with the guidance of an experienced instructor.  You’re free to have a laugh and a chat while you draw, making this both a fun social gathering and a fantastic art class all at once.   

Any one of these activities is the perfect way to reward a hard working team after a successful year. We at Funktion love a good night out after a year of hard work and we’re sure you do too. See all our team building ideas here or get started with your destination!

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