Exciting Karaoke & Meal Team Building

Exciting Karaoke & Meal Team BuildingTreat your team to an amazing night to remember with this karaoke and meal team building activity that’s bound to help everyone get to know each other, build new relationships and have some laughs! Everyone needs to let their hair down once in a while, and an exciting team building idea is perfect for something different that the whole team can get involved in.

The karaoke and meal team building is a full evening of enter­ta­inment, lasting around 3-4 hours depending on how much you love the karaoke. Get everyone together for this idea as the whole team can join in eating and singing on this work night out. You can choose your city centre location and the time to make the perfect team building event for you.

The afternoon or evening will start with a 2 course meal that you’ll have pre-ordered, meaning you can take a break from decision making on the day! The menu is full of classic main courses and desserts making sure there is something for everyone’s tastes, as well as including a glass of bubbly to add a touch of class and start the night off right.

After everyone takes their time finishing their tasty food, it’s time to head over to the karaoke booths and start the fun. All of the karaoke pods are fully furnished and use the latest touch screen technology, making your whole night a little more stress free and easy going. Then everyone can get stuck in singing, dancing and having a good time with over 8,000 songs to choose from including up-to-the-minute tunes and classic beats.

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While in the karaoke booth singing away, you can order all your drinks at the touch of a button and they’ll be brought to your pod, meaning you don’t have to leave the fun all night! This whole karaoke and evening meal team building activity is made for large groups of people and perfect to break the ice between people and build new relati­on­ships.

If you really want to have a full night for your team building event, we’ve also added nightclub entry to this activity in order to complete your night. All of your team will be on the guest list of a popular nightclub in your chosen city ready for you to carry on the party after your karaoke experience!

This karaoke and meal team building activity can be completely organised for you, just call us on 0161 341 0052 and let our events planners do all the planning and provide a great team building event.

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