25 Essential Hen Party Gift Bag Ideas

Essential Hen Party Gift Bag Ideas

What better way to make the hen do one to remember than a personal touch like hen party gift bags?

Show the girls your appreciation with these essential hen party gift bag ideas with all the hen do survival kit you need inside. Add useful and cute hen party stuff to little bags for your favourite ladies with these unique hen party goodie bags ideas and inspiration.

25 Hen Party Bag Ideas You Need!

1. Some accessories for the girls to wear

2. Small bottle of something boozy/fizzy

3. Shot glass

4. Willy straws

5. Hangover kit (lip balm, bottled water, paracetamol, sweets etc.)

6. Party poppers

7. Sleeping mask

8. Caffeine!

9. Hen party badge

10. Sunglasses

11. A hen party prop for posing

12. A bracelet

13. Hand sanitiser

14. Matching pyjamas

15. Bride tribe temporary tattoo

16. Hen party t-shirt

17. A pen

18. Chocolate

19. A headband

20. Emergency bobbles

21. Nail Varnish

22. A cute little note to your lovely ladies

23. A keepsake (something personalised is always a hit)

24. Hen party bingo card

25. Hen party ice breaker cards

25 Hen Party Gift Bag Ideas

How Much Should You Put in your Gift Bags?

“Less is more!” and “the more the merrier!” are two phrases we see and hear too often, and the same questions will apply when it comes to deciding how much to put in your hen party gift bags. The first thing you need to consider is your budget. For example, if you’re taking three girls on the hen party, then you’ll have more freedom in terms of how much you want to spend. However, if you’re taking a larger group of, for example, 8-10 people, then you might want to reduce how much you put in each bag to save costs. Our advice is to keep it simple! With budgeting being such a huge part of any wedding and hen party these days, it’s important to find a balance between giving the girls a meaningful gift whilst staying conscious of your spending!

When Should You Give Out your Gift Bags?

You’ve picked what to put in them and they’re all ready to go… but when should you give them to the girls? Traditi­onally, gift bags, or “favours”, are often given out at the end of the celeb­ra­tions. However, that means that you’ll have to keep the bags a secret throughout the whole hen party, which is a little bit inconvenient especially if you’re travelling.

Depending on what you plan on putting in your bags and how much you want to buy for them, one option would be to bring the supplies & bags separately with you. You could then make up the bags discreetly when you get some time on the hen party before giving them out at the end.

Alter­natively, giving the girls a goodie bag before kicking off the hen party is a great idea, especially if you go for a “survival kit” theme, as they’ll be able to make use of the gifts whilst you party! This could be anything from chewing gum to miniature cans of wine or pre-mixed spirits to get you back into the party spirit!

Alternative Gift Bag Ideas?

Whether you have a theme in mind or you’re trying to cater to a specific age category in your group or another reason, there’s plenty of alternative gift bag ideas that you should take the time to consider:


The great thing about a cosmetics gift bag is that it can be done perfectly on both tight and open budgets. For example, small and relatively inexpensive makeup items like hand sanitiser, nail polish and lip balm are all fantastic options. These can also be given to the hens before or after the celeb­ra­tions, as they can be given beforehand as part of a weekend survival kit or at the end as a token of appre­ci­ation!

Sweet Treats

Providing that you’ve checked any eating requirements beforehand, it’s always a great idea to pack your goodie bags full of chocolate and sweets for the girls to snack on! These can be as expensive or inexpensive as you like and are great to give out at the beginning of the celebrations (especially if you’re travelling quite a distance!)

For more inspiration on the hen weekend itself, browse through our 1,000+ hen party activities across 65 different hen do locations both in the UK and abroad. If you need help organising the entire celebration, give us a bell and our events managers will be happy to help!

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