Engaging Ideas for Your Team Building Event

Engaging Ideas for Your Team Building Event

Team Building is one of the best ways to help a team grow in the right direction. As well as bringing out the best in individuals to improve their way of working.

We’re going to run through some of the most popular team building activities on the market. Each of these activities is an awesome experience that’s sure to result in a stronger, happier and more productive team. When it comes to engaging ideas for your team building event you simply can’t go wrong with these awesome activities.

Starting us off is the Crystal Challenge Team Challenge. This fully interactive challenge will have you and your team taking on a series of weird and wonderful challenges. The challenges are divided into three categories, physical, mental and skill. They’re fun, engaging and will test a wide range of your team’s abilities.

Next up is Cocktail Making, it’s a fantastic way to treat a hardworking team. You’ll all head to a trendy city centre bar where you’ll get to muddle and mix your own creative cocktails. This DIY drinks session is a chilled out evening and a ton of fun. An experienced bartender will show you how to make em and shake em like the pros do. If you don’t drink, don’t worry. The bartender will show you how to make your own mocktails. A brilliant night out for everyone.

Probably one of the most popular activities you can get is the Pizza Making team building, a great engaging idea for your team and a new experience that everyone would love. And the best part about it is that it is totally different to any other team building event they could’ve or have ever done. And you will all have some delicious pizzas to eat at the end, that is if what you made is edible. 

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The Smartphone City Treasure Hunt is a simple activity and a great day out for all. It’s a self-run activity which you can start at any time. All you need is a smartphone or tablet with the treasure hunt app installed on it. The app will take you and your team on a tour of your chosen city, unlocking quizzes and games along the way via GPS. The route it takes you on will have a few pubs for you to stop and enjoy some drinks in before you continue the hunt. You can do the hunt together or split into teams of two and compete for points. The app has a live scoreboard feature and allows you to send the other team messages.

If you’re looking to get active for your team building event, then the Old School Sports Day is a great choice. This blast from the past will take you back to your childhoods, allowing to relive those gorgeous summer sports days. All the classic activities make a welcome return, including sack race, space hoppers and of course, the egg & spoon.

That’s just a few of the engaging ideas for your team building event you could choose. There are plenty more terrific team building activities available.

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