Effective Team Building Activities

A business is only as effective as the people it’s made up of, so we’ve gathered some of the best teambuildingActivities for Effective Teambuilding activities we offer. Not only are these team building activities extremely effective, they’re also a lot of fun. Treat your employees to a great day out and increase cooperation and productivity in the process!­ 

Effective Team Building Paintballing Paintballing is fun, tense and thrilling. This makes it a very effective team building activity, as it requires the team to work under pressure, devising tactics and strategies in order to gain the edge over the enemy team. One of the most important aspects of paintballing is commu­nica­tion; letting the rest of your team know where an opponent is located and so on. Paintballing is also great for instilling a sense of comradery in your employees, establishing closer bonds and even fully-fledged friendships.

A good team needs to be adaptable. That’s why The Crystal Maze is one of the most effective team building activities out there. Based on the popular 90’s game show of the same name, this activity will challenge employees to skilled, physical and mental tasks. The employees will be split into two teams. Each team must utilise all of their abilities and work together to overcome the maze and defeat the other team. A unique team building experience that's like being on a gameshow! 

The Smartphone City Treasure Hunt is an engaging and challenging team building task. This activity isEffective Team Building Activities Smartphone independant, so your employees need to rely on themselves and each other to be successful. You can start the activity whenever you want. The group will divide into two teams, each with a team captain who has the treasure hunt app on their smart phone. You’ll be tasked with walking around the city, unlocking challenges and quizzes via GPS. This could include things like finding someone who looks like a Beatles member and getting a selfie with them and so on. A good team building event for increasing bonds between co-workers and a more chilled (but still very effective) alternative to the adrenaline rush activities.

Sometimes all you need for teambuilding is to socialise with your colleagues. A karaoke session and evening meal is a fun way to build solid friendships within your team. This is an especially good activity if you are starting a new team or introducing a fresh face to the group, as everyone’s bound to feel much more comfortable around each other after they see each other lighten up and make fools out of themselves on the mic, then top it all off with a glass of bubbly and a delicious meal. 

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