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Dragon Boat Racing Activity
  • Dragon Boat Racing Activity
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Activity Details

  • Unique outdoor team building event
  • Boats & other equipment provided
  • Highly competitive
  • We travel across the UK & abroad

What is the Dragon Boat Racing Event?

This dragon boat racing event is one of the newest and most unique team building activities in the UK! You will start by splitting up into smaller groups of up to 11 before learning some of the techniques you’ll need. Once you are in your groups you will be guided through how to paddle and some tips and tricks to rowing your boat. Each group will take part in a minimum of three races with the fastest groups going through to the semis and then the final! It’s a great way to inject some friendly competition into your work event!

What’s Included

  • Unique outdoor water dragon boat racing
  • Experienced event manager to run the event
  • Race in teams on 30 ft Chinese dragon boats
  • Computerized race schedule and results with your team names
  • Top 3 teams will receive engraved medals to take home
  • Venue décor including Chinese dragon flags
  • Up to 8 fully equipped 30ft dragon boast available – 11 people on each
  • Trained staff provided
  • Health & Safety documents provided
  • Checks will be carried out at your chosen venue beforehand
  • PA system & MC for race commentary
  • Safety equipment – event control gazebo, buoyancy aids, professional medical technician & emergency kit
  • Free venue finding service if required

The Origins of Dragon Boat Races

Dragon boat racing originated over 2,000 years ago in ancient China, held on the life-sustaining rivers of southern Chinese provinces. Originally, this unique activity was thought to bring fertility luck to the coming crop season.

There is also a legendary story of Qu Yuan, a great warrior and poet passed down through centuries of legend and folklore. In protest of political corruption, Qu Yuan became a martyr of the cause by throwing himself into the river Mi Lo. Followers who adored Qu Yuan raced their fishing boats out onto the river to try and save his life, beating their drums and paddles to keep the dragons away. It’s said that is how dragon boat racing got it’s name and style.

What Venues Can the Dragon Boat Race Come To?

Any venues with a body of water that pass our health and safety checks can be used for dragon boat racing. If you have a venue we’ve not visited before, our team will come to check the premises and make sure it’s suitable and safe. Alter­natively, we can provide a venue finding service all over the UK and abroad if required. Below are some of the places dragon boat events have been held in the past.

  • Roundhay Park – 8 boat event
  • Amber Lakes – 3 boat event
  • Rutland Water – 2 boat racing event
  • Dorney Lake – 2 boat racing event

What Experience is Needed for a Dragon Boat Events?

None! This unique water sport is suitable for everyone as no previous experience is required, you will be guided through everything.

How Many People Can Take Part in the Dragon Boat Racing?

This dragon boat racing team building event is suitable for all group sizes from small to large groups with over 500 parti­cipants.

What Equipment is Included in the Dragonboat Races?

As well as experienced event managers included in the event you will also have up to 8 fully equipped dragon boats that fit up to 11 people inside. As well as an event control gazebo, buoyancy aids, race equipment & radios and much more to make the most out of your day.

How Long Does the Dragon Boat Racing UK Last For?

If you are a smaller company or group you will be out on the water for around 2.5 hours and for larger groups this will be a full day event.

What to Wear for the Dragon Boating?

We recommend wearing shorts, t-shirt, and old trainers whilst you are racing as well as a wind/­waterproof jacket for whilst you aren’t on the water! You want to make sure you are wearing clothing that you don’t mind getting wet.

Two Types of Dragon Boat Events We Offer Depending on Numbers

We offer both a more relaxed team building session and a fully organised dragon event for groups of up to 500+ parti­cipants. For the larger groups you will have a more structured event that is based on the three types of races with the fastest teams going all the way through to the final! For the team building sessions you will have some warm up and coordination exercises on dry land and then in crews you will go through a series of fun exercises on the water such as paddle tap, silent running, body power, pairs and odds and events.

Both events are perfect if you are wanting everyone to gain confidence and valuable skills like timing, teamwork and technique in this experience that requires the use of your whole body. The main difference between the sessions are that one is for small teams and it is more of a coaching session on the water and the other is for a large number of people and is a more fast paced competition day.

Additional Extras

  • Client name/logos on boats
  • Catering
  • Dragon Trophies


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