Decoration Ideas for a Harry Potter Hen Party

15+ Harry Potter Decoration Ideas for a Hen Do

Is your bride to be having a Harry Potter themed hen party bash? Don’t be shy on the decorations!

With HP being such a popular theme, it’s easy to find decoration ideas for a Harty Potter hen party – no matter what your budget. Turn any venue into a slice of the wizarding world with these tantalising Harry Potter hen do ideas that would make McGonagall proud.

Harry Potter Hen Do Decorations

Sprinkle some additional magic onto the hen weekend with these easy ideas that fit into any budget, home or hired venue. Below you can find DIY ideas, shop-bought fun and crazy Pinterest inspiration to turn your hen party in Hogwarts.

Entrance Décor

Platform 9 ¾

Turn your doorway into the iconic train station entryway with DIY brick or brick-style wallpaper and a platform sign. Running through the door is optional!

Sorting Hat

On arrival, all the guests must go through the sorting hat to determine their house for the evening. This coincides really well with any Harry Potter hen party games you might have planned.

Badges & Broomsticks

Leave a basket of wizardy wonder and accessories at the door, including house badges, brooms and cloaks so everyone can get involved with the theme.

Felix Felicis for the Hen Night!

It’s tradition to have a drink ready on arrival, usually a cheeky glass of bubbly. But why not take a page out of Hermione’s spell book and make a potion to toast to the bride to be. You can get loads of Harry Potter inspired drink ideas on Pinterest.


Wall Decorations

House Flags

Effective and pretty easy to do, hang the four house flags high with coloured balloons and emblems to finish the look.

Long Live Hedwig

Re-vitalise the memory of Hedwig with little owl cut outs or figurations to decorate the walls and give a subtle yet magical atmosphere.

This Way for Diagon Alley

A popular Harry Potter decoration is signs pointing to all the weird and wonderful shops down Diagon Alley.

The Great Hall

Although you might not be able to make the candles float, there’s tons of DIY hacks you can use to create a mini Great Hall for a hen party at home. We’re thinking candles on strings, long tables and red curtains.

Iconic Quotes

Great for an icebreaker, print out large versions of iconic quotes from the show and dot them all over the walls, they’ll make a great talking point for the hen group and bring back memories of your fav franchise too.

Dementor Pinata

Both a harry potter themed decoration and a game! Face your fears and fight back against the dementors before they suck your soul.

Table Decoration Ideas for a Harry Potter Hen Party

Harry Potter Themed Biscuits

This is an easy one to do by yourself or ordered in by a profes­sional! Biscuits can either be decoration for the table or used as favours for the girls to take away and enjoy too.

HP’s Glasses

Set the table with a pair of cheap and cheerful glasses in the classic round shape like Harry Potter’s. The table will look great and it’s a prop for pictures!

Wax Sealed Scrolls

Place a cute wax sealed scroll on each persons place setting that they can open. What’s inside is totally up to you, but we suggest hen party dare cards.

Your Own Honeydukes

If you’ve got a sweet tooth this ones for you. Fill glass jars with an abundance of sweets, scatter chocolate frogs around the table.

HP Themed Hen Do Favours

Gringotts Coins

Edible or not, a little bag of Gringotts coins is an easy way to make the hen do one to remember. It’s just like a Harry Potter version of a goodie bag!

Bertie Bott’s Every Flavoured Beans

Your guests might not thank you for this, but a cheeky bag of every flavoured beans is a hilarious memento of your Harry Potter themed hen party.

Mini Wands

It’s likely you know your hen group really well, so apply their perso­nali­ties and make their perfect wand out of unicorn hair or phoenix feathers for them to take home.

Invisibility Cloaks

If you’re on a really tight budget or just want to mess with your pals, put a sign up for each person to take home a free invisibility cloak from the party!

If you’re stuck for hen party activities to match with your Harry Potter theme, let us help you out. We organise 1000’s of hen party ideas every year to help bride to be’s have a memorable send off before their upcoming nuptials.

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