Birthday Party Activity Ideas for Day & Night

Birthday Party Activity Ideas for Day and Night

The right activity for the right time of the day is the key for the ultimate birthday experience.

We have a range of brilliant birthday party activity ideas for all hours of the day. Whether you're an early riser or a nightlife lover, we're sure to have something for you. If you're undecided, then we've put the sun and moon together with the best activities for either time of day.

Day Activities

The Smartphone Pub Treasure Hunt

If the sun is shining bright and it's beer garden weather, then there's no greater birthday party activity than the Smartphone Pub Treasure Hunt. It's a super simple self-run activity which you can take part in over any time period of a 24-hour day. All you need is one mobile phone per team and the right app.

Utilising GPS and facial recognition technology, you will venture around the best bars in the town or city you're in whilst completing fun challenges and quizzes along the tour. A must for a summer birthday when the weather is in it's full glory, you can chill out in the sun with a pint in your hands and have a catch-up with your friends.

The best thing about the Smartphone Pub Treasure Hunt is it's crazy cheap for what it is since it's a self-run event. There's no need for venue hire, the streets are your playground, and no event staff present allows for prices to come down.

Zorb Bubble Games

Zorb Bubble Games are easily one of our most popular birthday party activites and a ton of fun for everyone involved. You'll be playing a variety of games using giant inflatable zorb bubbles like Bulldog, King of the Hill and many more. You and your friends will be in fits of laughter as you bounce and roll over the events area.

The event will be fully co-ordinated by a master of mayhem who will make sure everyone is having a great time, explain the game rules and ensure that health and safety is followed, making it a safe game to play by all ages.

Also available is Zorb Football, for all you footy-mad guys and girls out there! Similar activity with more of a 5-a-side focus.

Zorb Bubble Games Birthday Party

Other Birthday Party Ideas for the Day

Dance Party Ideas - There's a whole range of themes to choose from, with Beyonce Single Ladies, 80's and Hip Hop to name a few.

Goofy Games - Take part in a series of completely bonkers games available indoors and outdoors, designed to make you laugh.

Spa Pamper Day - If you want something more chill then we've got plenty of relaxing treatments waiting for you.

Quad Biking - Drive powerful quads off-road and into the wilderness in an unfor­get­table and adrenaline-filled activity.

Night Activities

Cocktail Making Class

Kick off a night of birthday celebrations with a Cocktail Making Class. Create your own killer cocktails with the help on an experienced mixologist. Mix, muddle and shake any kind of cocktail you want from a huge list of popular choices and the little gems you may not have heard of before.

The bartender will show you how to use all the professional equipment and tell you which ingredients go together the best. Make a classic cosmopolitan or your very own creation, all in a trendy city centre bar. Cocktail making is an absolute must for a birthday night out.

As well as the mixing and tasting, you'll be getting stuck into mini-games as well as light snacks in-between to make it a truly worthwile nightime birthday venture.

Cocktail Making Birthday Party

UK's Favourite Cocktails

  1. Cosmopolitan / Mojito
  2. Caipirinha / Margarita
  3. Pina Colada / Long Island Iced Tea

Bierkeller Show

For one of the greatest and most unique drinking experiences you’ll ever have, get yourselves down to the Bierkeller Show! This booze-fest is a Bavarian themed party night with authentic Bavarian beers, ginormous pretzels and a fantastic live performance from a live Bavarian Oompah Band. A fantastic evening out with a lively party vibe if that's the kind of thing you're after.

Bierkeller Show Birthday Party

Other Birthday Party Ideas for the Night 

Lip Sync Battle - Choose a song, split into two teams and prepare for a sing-along and dance showdown. Best performance wins!

2 Course Meal - Enjoy a meal at one of a huge choice of venues. Whether you fancy a South American, French or simply a British meal, we have what you want.

Nightclub Entry - Gain VIP access into one of the best nightlife venues in town with no queues.

Pizza Making - Fulfil your dreams of making your very own pizza from tossing the dough, all the way to choosing your delicious toppings.

If you're still unsure whether you want daytime activities for your birthday party or want to delve into the night, have a browse at all our birthday party activity ideas here, or call us on 0161 341 0052 for some inspiration or detailed information about any of our activities.

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