Birthday Parties: Day vs. Night

We have a range of brilliant birthday party activities for all hours of the day. Whether you’re an early riser or aDay vs. Night Birthday Party Ideas nightlife lover, we’re sure to have something for you. If you’re undecided, then read as we pit the sun and the moon against each other with Day vs. Night Birthday Party Ideas.

We’ll start off with night. There’s simply no better way to begin a birthday night out than with a Cocktail Making Class. Create your own killer cocktails with the help on an experienced bartender. Mix, muddle and shake any kind of cocktail you want. The bartender will show you how to use all the professional equipment and tell you which ingredients go together the best. Make a classic cosmopolitan or your very own creation, all in a trendy city centre bar. Cocktail making is an absolute must for a birthday night out.

Now for day. If the sun’s shining and its beer garden weather, there’s no better birthday party activity than the Smartphone Pub Treasure Hunt. It’s a super simple and self-activity which you can do whenever you want, wherever you want. All you need is a smartphone with the treasure hunt app downloaded on it. With the wonders of GPS technology, the app will guide you around the city with fun challenges and quizzes popping up now and then. The route it takes you on will have a few pubs on the way so you can stop and knock about a few refreshments in the beautiful weather. You can play all together or split up into teams and compete. The app even lets you send messages to one another!

Day vs. Night Birthday Party Ideas BierkellerNights turn again. For one of the greatest and most unique drinking experiences you’ll ever have, get yourselves down to the Bierkeller Show! A fun-filled, Bavarian themed booze fest with authentic Bavarian beers, ginormous pretzels and a fantastic live performance from the Bavarian Oompah Band. A fantastic evening out with a lively party vibe!

One last activity for the daytime. Zorb Bubble Games are easily one of our most popular birthday party activities and a ton of fun for everyone involved. You’ll be playing a variety of games using giant inflatable zorb bubbles, like Bulldog, King of the Hill and many more. You and your friends will be in fits of laughter as you bounce and roll all over the place.

That’s just a couple of the amazing day and night activities you can try. Check out the rest and book a brilliant birthday party with us today! Just check out our website or give us a call on 0161 341 0052

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