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The Daily Kick Off
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Activity Details

  • Daily energiser
  • Remote team activity
  • Share productivity tips
  • Creative tasks every day

How Does the Daily Kick Off Activity Work?

At this uncertain time, add the daily kick off team building challenge to your schedule to easily motivate your colleagues. This set of creative challenges are adapted so they can be completed in any remote working situation. If you have dozens of members in their own homes, send each of them these virtual team games each morning for up to a month. Access the challenges through an easy to use app and kick off the workday with a little energiser.

What’s Included

  • Start the day with this morale boosting experience
  • Daily tasks for all players for up to one month
  • Completely self-run
  • Focuses on boosting morale
  • Creative daily challenges
  • You choose start time
  • Easy to use app
  • All media uploaded can be accessed by event organiser and shared on video calls with the team

When to Incorporate Games for Remote Teams?

The daily kick off is so short and sweet that’s it’s the perfect start to your teams’ day. You can set up the daily tasks to automatically send to everyone when they start work. This is a great way to motivate and engage each team member even if they’re remote working from home.

What Do You Need for These Online Team Building Games?

All you need to execute the daily kick off challenge is the download of this easy to use app. The event organiser can access the app at any time and download media (images, videos) sent in from other members. We suggest you use platforms like Zoom to share and highlight each daily challenge and bring everyone in on the conversation.

Who Can Take Part in the Daily Kick Off?

Absolutely anyone can take part in the activity due to it being virtual! This means that teams with remote workers or international based workers can get together at the click of a button to have heaps of fun!

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