Stag 'Dad Friendly' Ideas

'Dad Friendly' Stag Party IdeasSo you’re bringing your dad on the stag and you’re looking for some stag do activities that are a little more his speed. We don’t know what kind of guy your dad is but we do know that anyone can get along with these awesome activities…

The Bierkeller Show Stag Do is a boozy beer-guzzling bash like no other which everyone is sure to enjoy. Take your reserved seats and enjoy a lively night of live music, giant pretzels and quality Bavarian lagers. With an incredible atmosphere, amazing music and fantastic service, you’re bound to have a brilliant time at Bierkeller show!

Young or old, who doesn’t love Go Karts? They're fast, fun and won’t be too hard on your dad’s creaky knees. After a few practice laps to get your warmed up the race will begin for real. Put the pedal to the metal and leave your friends (and your dad!) in the dust with a Go Karting Stag Do.

If you’re looking for something a little more unique then an Escape Rooms Stag Do is a great idea. Can you figure out a way to escape a room full of devious puzzles before the timer runs out? The rooms require team work and careful thinking in order to escape. The rooms have various themes and premises that keep things interesting and make for a welcome change of pace. Not to mention your dad’s years’ worth of wisdom will come in very handy!

'Dad Friendly' Stag Party Ideas Binocular FootballPutting your dad in a footy match up against your younger mates might seem unfair but with a Binocular Football Stag Do it doesn’t matter how skilled or fast you are. It’s easily one of the funniest stag do activities out there and sure to have you all in hysterics. The concept is simple: it’s football but you can’t see properly. You’ll all be wearing goggles that make the ball look about 10 feet closer or further from you. Soon enough you’ll all be kicking at thin air, making complete fools of yourselves. A fun, laid back activity which everyone will enjoy.

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