Top 10 Dad Friendly Stag Do Experiences

Top 10 Dad Friendly Stag Do Ideas

If you want to incorporate your dad into the stag do with activities he actually wants to do, you’re in the right place.

Tons of people choose to have their old man join them on the stag weekend! However, this can be tricky with all the classic staples of a last night of freedom. Some groups choose to have two separate celeb­ra­tions, one family-friendly and one not. However, if you don’t have the budget for two stag do’s/you want everyone to celebrate together you’re in luck! Here you’ll find the top 10 dad friendly stag do experiences to please all the lads and your dad.

Smartphone Pub Treasure Hunt Stag Do

1. Smartphone Pub Treasure Hunt

If you’ve never had a go at the smartphone pub treasure hunt, we highly suggest you stick it in the stag weekend. Simple yet effective, this GPS app will lead you on a hilarious pub crawl around the city of your choice. Split into teams with your dad and pals and compete to answer trivia and tackle challenges. All of this is done through the app in different hotspots (aka pubs) for points. Through the app you can take pictures, have some fighting talk with opponents and watch the live scoreboard.

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Bierkeller Show Stag Do

2. Bierkeller Show

The Bierkeller show stag do is a boozy beer-guzzling bash like no other! Situated in a traditional German bierhaus, take your reserved seats and enjoy a lively night of live music, giant pretzels and quality Bavarian lagers. With an incredible atmosphere, amazing music and fantastic service, you’re bound to have a brilliant time at Bierkeller show! This experience sorts everything, once the Oompah band leave the stage you can stay for a resident DJ and free-flowing shots until 2am.

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Beer Tasting Stag Do

3. Beer Tasting

A beer tasting experience is a totally different kind of drinking that’s a bit more memorable than your classic pub crawl. Learn the history, brewing process and flavours behind the nations favourite tipple with the help of a beer expert. You, your group and dad will have a chance to sample 6 different beers and learn how they’re made. They’ll be nibbles, a tasting quiz and a cheeky burger and pint at the end too.

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Escape Rooms Stag Do

4. Escape Rooms

If you’re looking for something a little more unique then an escape rooms stag do is a great idea. Can you figure out a way to escape a room full of devious puzzles before the timer runs out? The rooms require team work and careful thinking in order to escape. The rooms have various themes and premises that keep things interesting and make for a welcome change of pace. Not to mention your dad’s years’ worth of wisdom will come in very handy!

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Beer Bike Stag Do

5. Beer Bike

If you need dad friendly stag do ideas for abroad, a beer bike is a great shout. You can find these hilarious bikes in a lot of European cities and hop on for an hour or two of laughs. Bring your dad along and ride through cities like Hamburg and Dusseldorf while you guzzle gallons of the gold stuff. What dad doesn’t like a standard beer with an added twist, especially when it’s in a different country to celebrate!

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Canal Cruise Stag Do

6. Canal Cruise

Not all our dad friendly ideas involve bundles of booze. For example, a canal cruise somewhere in Europe is a great way to implement your old man and make the stag weekend memorable. If you’re jetting off overseas, see if you can book the group on a boat cruise to explore the city in more depth. A perfect example of this is the extra special private canal boat cruise in Amsterdam – just see for yourself!

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Stag Do Meals

7. Good Ol’ Meal

An age-old idea for how to get your dad involved in the stag do festivities is a meal. Enjoy a more relaxed meal with a big crowd, followed by the stag night which is dad-optional. The UK has plenty of choice when it comes to cuisine, so you can choose your favourite and look forward to the grub. This is a great way to spend a bit of quality time with your dad before the last night of freedom gets too crazy.

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Old School Sports Day Stag Do

8. Old School Sports Day

Depending on how fit your old man is, why not inject some energetic fun into the stag weekend? Don’t neglect a daytime activity while you’re celebrating! This hilarious round up of old school games will be nostalgic for any age. Whip on some coloured bibs, split into teams and tackle races like the egg and spoon, sack race and even space hoppers. This light-hearted experience is just a bit of competitive fun that all the guys can sink their teeth into.

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Pub Crawl Stag Do

9. Pub Crawl

For decades passed, a bog-standard pub crawl has been the go-to when it comes to arranging a stag do. Although a pub crawl is great, why not upgrade with a modern bar, booth and a few drinks to kick things off? In most cities you can now book yourself a reserved area to feel like a VIP on the last night of freedom. Pair your comfortable seating with table service, guest list entry and enough booze to go around and you’ve got yourself a winner.

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5 a Side Football Stag Do

10. 5 a Side Football

Last but by no means least, a classic game of footy. If your groom to be is football mad, it’s likely he caught footy fever from his old man! If that’s the case, invite them both for a nostalgic kick about with everything include. Book the pitch, hire the equipment and bring a few beers along for a chilled game of 5 a side before the other stag party antics commence. We guarantee the stags dad won’t forget the gesture of this dad friendly stag idea.

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If you need any more help planning the stag do, just ask! We have hundreds of stag do activities around the UK and Europe, both dad-friendly and not. With years of experience, we can help make organising the last night of freedom a lot less stressful for you.

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