Crystal Challenge Team Building in Swansea

Crystal Challenge
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Activity Details

  • Physical & mental tasks
  • Large, full day event
  • Compete in zones
  • Crystal dome finale

Put your skills to the ultimate test in crystal collection team building in Swansea. Split up into small groups and battle it out across different zones to win crystals. Use strength, agility, knowledge, willpower and creativity to pass the wide range of physical and mental challenges you’ll face. The more crystals your groupwins, the more likely you’ll reach the finale in the dome. The top 3 groups will be awarded medals so it’s certainly a good way to bring out friendly compe­titi­veness across your staff.

What’s Included

  • Enthusiastic event management team on the day
  • Game host to run the day
  • A variety of physical, mental and problem-solving challenges
  • Different zones
  • Well maintained equipment
  • Inflatable Crystal Dome Finale
  • Medal ceremony
  • Full risk assessments


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