Stag Do Challenges, Dares and Forfeits

Stag Do Challenges, Dares & Forfeits

So you’ve got the stag do booked, the lads are ready, all you need to do now is add some finishing touches.

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We’ve been in the loop with stag do antics for a long enough time to know that stag do challenges, dares and forfeits are the most important part of making the weekend memorable. There are so many ways all the lads can get involved. Whether they’re the one having to do the dare, receiving a forfeit or completing a challenge. It’s the perfect way to have a laugh with the lads in a fun and epic way.

5 Hilarious Stag Do Challenges

1. The Mascot

Get yourselves a mascot, it has to be something stolen from the stag’s house. And get pictures with it throughout the stag weekend. In front of the city’s key landmarks, in the pub and anything else you can think of. Try to not let the stag see what you’re doing until after the weekend, then he can see what it’s been up to!

2. Performing Money

Get the stag to stand in the city centre wearing some fancy dress that you’ve picked for him (a penis costume, chicken costume, a dress) with a sigh that reads “I will complete any dare for just £1.” He must sell it though, no standing there hoping he won’t be asked. And then it’s your job to make sure he completes the dare.

3. The Stag & The Busker

If you are in the city centre this should be easy, find a busker. Then make the stag join in with the said busker. After he has finished singing along to the songs he must suggest a 50:50 split on the busker’s earnings. (of course don’t be too pushy with this, make sure he knows it’s a joke, the last thing you want is any trouble)

4. The Banana, The Gorillas & The Zoo Keeper

Dress the stag in a banana suit, the rest in gorilla suits apart from one who will be dressed as a zoo keeper. The zoo keeper will act as the referee and has the power to start the game whenever and wherever. So when the game starts, the stag (banana) must start running, then after a few seconds the others (gorillas) will chase after him.

5. The Ultimate Scavenger Hunt

If you are wanting to keep the stag busy and off on a real challenge get him to complete the ultimate scavenger hunt. The stag must find a condom, a bra, a local souvenir, urinal soap, a bottle of sauce and get a selfie with the hen. But the real challenge is that he can’t spend any money getting these items!

Stag Do Challenges

What Stag Dares To Do?

Its tricky to decide with dares to do on the stag night.  Should you do naughty, funny, rude or totally outrageous. Heres a list of 5 that we like;

  • Eat a whole meal without the use of your hands
  • Use the ladies’ toilets
  • Do 20 push-ups on the dance floor of every pub/club or bar you go in
  • Say yes to everything for an hour
  • Organise a bar wide conga

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10 Ferocious Stag Do Forfeits

1. Sock it Up

You will just need 2 things for this forfeit, a sock and a drink. If this is chosen, the victim must take off their sock and place it over the drink your drinking and down it!

2. The Gaffer

When has gaffa tape ever not been useful? Use it as a forfeit and tape him to a tree or a lamppost, tape his eyebrows maybe?

3. Dad Dance

Whether the victim has a dad dance or not. The victim has to dad dance all the way to the next bar or pub.

4. Need a Hand?

Make your way over to the gents’ toilets and offer a helping hand to anyone with their business. Someone will need to accompany them so that you can be sure the forfeit has been completed.

5. Chilli Challenge

Eat one raw chilli or a shot of chilli sauce. The choice is yours.

6. The Pet Dog

The victim must crawl around on his hands and knees pretending to be the stag group’s pet dog for 10 minutes. He mustn’t talk, only bark.

 7. Tied

The shoes of the victim must be tied together for 30 mins.

8. Lock of Hair

The victim must convince any girl at the bar to give him a lock of her hair, he can’t return without it.

9. Pavarotti

For the next 15 mins, the victim must sing everything he wants to say Pavarotti style. This will be incredible if it’s his turn to get the round in!

10. Get Creative

For the ultimate punishment create a sign to place on the victim that reads: “Have a forfeit for me? Text or call: number”

Stag Do Forfeits

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