Stag Do Challenges That Are Crazy

Crazy Stag Do ChallengesA stag do isn’t a stag do without some crazy challenges and funny forfeits to keep the night interesting! Here’s a quick guide on how to make your last night of freedom even more memorable…

Put a number of forfeits into separate envelopes. Assign one to each of the lads at the beginning of the night or as it goes on. Now you need to make up some rules. If any of the rules are broken, the offender has to do whatever it says in their envelope.

That’s the rules, so what about the forfeits and challenges? Here’s an example to give you some ideas. Say you’re playing Toy Soldiers on a night out. Don’t know what toy soldiers is? Every man is given a plastic soldier (like the ones in toy story). Whenever someone shouts the command (e.g. “atten-SHUN!”), all the guys must assume the position of their toy soldier, no matter what. If they fail to do so, that’s a forfeit for them.

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So let’s say one of the lads was carrying a round and couldn’t manage it. Time for him to open his envelope and see what his forfeit is. What will he find inside? Well that’s up to you lot. Make him put his sweaty sock on top of his pint and drink through it? Sure. Swap undergarments with a fair maiden? Go for it. As long as you’re not bothering anyone else, nothing’s off limits.

But if that sounds tame to you, here’s a few more crazy stag do challenges (be warned, some of these can get you into trouble so play at your own risk!)

  • Approach a bloke of the groups choosing and ask him if he wants to get down to business
  • Drop him off two miles from the hotel wearing nothing but high heels and a bikini
  • Tie him to a lamppost in the centre of town
  • Eat a red hot chilli pepper
  • Lick the armpit of a male stranger

Of course you can always come up with your own crazy stag do challenges. They’re great for a laugh and sure to make your stag do even more fun. Have a good one lads, and if you’re the stag, good luck!

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