Corporate Event Ideas

Our event planners are ready and waiting to take care of your next corporate event.  Whether its a small or a large scale event, our fun days, themed evening and private party enter­ta­inment ideas will deliver that wow factor.

Themed Evenings

  • Transform your venue
  • Huge range of props
  • Fully event managed
  • Hollywood, Under the Sea, Circus etc

Race Night

  • Indoor / evening activity
  • Related racing props
  • Fun money, betting
  • Compere & tote staff

70's Themed Evenings

  • Throwback 70’s evening
  • Huge range of 70’s props
  • Fully event managed
  • Disco balls, smoke machines etc

007 Themed Evenings

  • James Bond style soiree
  • Props like the famous movies
  • Managed by us
  • Belly dancers, old film etc.

Below the Sea Themed Evenings

  • Nautical theme event
  • Karaoke & DJ
  • Fully event managed
  • Giant anchors, submarines etc.

Best of British Themed Evenings

  • Back to our roots!
  • Classic British props
  • Organised by us
  • Includes flags, DJ etc.

Bollywood Themed Evenings

  • Authentic Bollywood theme
  • Props like the famous movies
  • Managed by us
  • Belly dancers, old film etc.

Circus Themed Evenings

  • Fun & light-hearted theme
  • Old school circus props
  • Fully organised for you
  • Popcorn machine, fire eaters etc.

Caribbean Themed Evenings

  • Unique Caribbean theme
  • Tropical props to set the scene
  • Managed by us
  • Surfboards, palm trees & more

Ghouls & Monsters Themed Evenings

  • Creepy theme to wow!
  • Scary props setting the mood
  • Managed by us
  • Includes games, a DJ etc.

Las Vegas Themed Evenings

  • Let loose Las Vegas
  • Props to set the scene
  • Fully managed event
  • Casino tables, giant props etc.

Masquerade Themed Evenings

  • A popular theme choice
  • Classy props & sets
  • Organised by us
  • Starlit backdrop, fountains etc

Alice in Wonderland Themed Evenings

  • Mystical themed evening
  • Props from the cult classic
  • Fully event managed
  • Giant pocket watch, candy cottage etc.

Hollywood Themed Evenings

  • Glitz & glam themed
  • Props like the famous movies
  • Organised by us
  • Props to wow the guests

Narnia Themed Evenings

  • Based on the cult classic
  • Props like the famous movie
  • Managed by us
  • Snowy scene, DJ, lion props

Pirates of the Caribbean Themed Evenings

  • Based on the famous films
  • Pirate themed props & sets
  • Managed by us
  • Rum, parrots, dynamite & more

Great Gatsby Themed Evenings

  • Old school class event
  • Authentic props & sets
  • Managed by us
  • Includes tables & games

Wild West Themed Evenings

  • Throwback & fun theme
  • Realistic props and sets
  • Fully event organised
  • Saloon doors, wagon wheel etc.

Winter Wonderland Themed Evenings

  • Festive themed event
  • Snowy sets & Christmas props
  • Managed by us
  • Large sledge, prizes etc.

100's of Corporate Event Ideas

One of the main reasons corporate events have become increasingly popular over the past decade is the sheer amount of choice available these days.

Often when you think of these kind of events, massive conferences full of draining information that employees tune out. However with event management companies like ourselves, we’ve find new, fun and innovative ideas to engage your team in something meaningful.

100's of Corporate Event Ideas

From small indoor events to themed evenings and company fun days, we’ve held corporate events for teams of all shapes and sizes with every kind of vision you could think of.

Big companies use corporate events for re-branding with a fun twist, little companies book a Christmas party and more through events companies like ourselves, taking the stress off their own shoulders.

Before we work on your corporate event, there’s a few things you need to validate:

  • What’s your budget?
  • How many people are attending?
  • What’s your age range?
  • What’s the goal of your corporate event?

All of these factors will assure you get presented with the best options for your corporate event, for the best price for your company too.

Top 5 Corporate Enter­ta­inment Ideas

1. Themed Evenings

With the massive choice of themes available, you can find something to suit any find of function. Some themes include Masquerade, Winter Wonderland, 70’s and more.

2. Fun Days

Turn your venue into a fun fair with stalls, inflatables rides and classic fair food that all ages can enjoy. Perfect for fundraising events.

3. Casino Nights

Add a fun, competitive element to any type of corporate party with casino table hire and place your bets with classic games like blackjack and roulette.

4. Ice Rink Hire

Real or synthetic, impress your corporate event attendees with an ice rink in your venue – a great addition during the winter months & Christmas parties.

5. Games Galore

Give your guests a chance to let their hair down with a whole host of ginormous games including classics like air hockey and table tennis.

Corporate Days Out with a Difference

Corporate Parties with a Difference

A lot of the time, people become hesitant to organise their corporate event with the help of an event company like ourselves because of cost rumours.

If you’re planning your event without any prior experience, we can hold your hand throughout the whole process, helping you create a budget for your needs and advising you on what kind of company fun days or themed evenings you can afford.

Plus, the experience behind a company like us is definitely a major pro rather than doing it yourself. There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to planning corporate events, and we have a dedicated team to make sure everything goes to plan.

Large Scale Events

Large Scale Events

As your event gets bigger and the guest list grows, it can get increasingly more difficult to co-ordinate everything involved in a corporate. Large scale events are tough, but if you’ve got no experience organising something that big it can be near impossible.

Key elements you need to tie down before you begin are trusted suppliers and quality services. We would advise using an event agency who will take the stress away so you can focus on your guests having a memorable day/­evening/­event.

What Event Are You Planning?

Our event planners will offer a free venue finding service if you require. They will discuss your enter­ta­inment needs to suit your type of event. This can range from dry hire equipment like an ice rink or a full serviced managed event like a Winter Wonderland.

Corporate Dinner

A popular choice for something a bit more formal, corporate dinners can be great for new product launches, end of year parties or appreciation ceremonies. Even if you’re looking to have a large scale event with friends and family, our corporate catering services are very fitting for every scenario.

Family Fun Day

Fun days, fundraisers and corporate summer events all fall under a similar category and therefore structure, creating an informal and fun environment for your event to go smoothly. Go for a fully pre-organised fun day or build up your perfect corporate functions using the classic elements of an effective, informal event.


Nowadays there’s dozens of fun and light-hearted events and activities that can also apply to weddings if you’re looking for a supplier of fun, food or fixtures. From corporate entertainers for your evening do to a magic mirror to keep drinks flowing, have a look at your options.

Gala’s & Themed Evenings

Show appreciation for your team, impress suppliers or get all your offices together for one event, themed or not. We over a variety of themes to fit every occasion, from the classic Winter Wonderland for the colder seasons to the unique Masquerade Ball.

Corporate Enter­ta­inment

Pack your corporate event out with all the necessities and elements that will make you stand out from the crowd. Hire a live band, add an ice rink or build your own fair with an array of corporate enter­ta­inment.

Venue Finding

We appreciate that if you’re planning a big corporate function, you may not have the space you need to complete your vision. If you’re stuck for a place to host your event, let us work with you to find the best venue possible.

Christmas Parties

Popular for obvious reasons, reward your team (and maybe their families too) with an end of year shindig with a difference.