Corporate Events Locations

Organising an exceptional corporate event this year for your team or company? Choose from our 30+ locations across the UK to start planning.




Corporate Event Locations

Top Team Building Locations

When it comes to organising a corporate event, the location can have a huge impact on how successful your company event is, as well as how easy it is to actually pull the vision together into something tangible.

Although we’re an event management company in Chester, we work nationwide and have experience in most of the cities across the UK.

With this knowledge under our belt, we know the best places to go for every type of event and can advise your company to blend your ideas and our resources together, curating the perfect bespoke event.

From event management in London to a smaller bout of event management in Birmingham and other places, we can craft different corporate events for you whether you want to stay local or travel far.

Corporate Event Destinations

When it comes to choosing a corporate event destination, it’s important to consider a few things:

  • Is it easily accessible for your team?
  • Is there a venue/outdoor space that can hold the velocity of your event?
  • Does the city fit your budget?

With an event management company in Chester or anywhere else like ourselves, these few key factors will always be catered for so you don’t need to worry about them.

With a lot of experience under our belts, we know the signs to look for when it comes to hosting a corporate event and can advise on different locations if you’re not sure yourself.

If you want to follow in other people’s footsteps, event management in London is a great start. Being the capital of all hustle, bustle and business, corporate events here are rife.

This means there are a significant amount more ideas and activities to consider, and more choice when it comes to pulling together your own corporate event.