Commercial Teambreak Team Building in Cambridge

Commercial Teambreak
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Activity Details

  • Create an entertaining advert
  • A real icebreaker
  • Equipment and props included
  • Prizes and awards

What’s Included

  • Fully trained instructors will give you a briefing as to how the day will run
  • The perfect activity to break the ice!
  • Each team will need to create an entertaining TV commercial
  • You will receive a digital video camera, tripod, tape, props and other equipment needed
  • Everyone must have a role to play, in front or behind the camera
  • A list of words will be given to each team and they must be included in your commercial
  • After everyone has created their advert they will be shown to the other teams and the judges will choose a winner!
  • A DVD containing all the adverts you created will be included
  • Prizes and awards to be won!

A Leeds Commercial Teambreak team building activity is your chance to take your team out of their comfort zone and get them focusing on the fun of building relationships within the workplace. This activity gives everyone a chance to use their imagination and build clear communication between colleagues.­

Upon arrival you will be split into teams and given a briefing about how the activity will run by your host. Each team will then receive a digital video camera, tripod, tape, props and various other equipment you will need, as well as an envelope which contains information on the product or service that your team will need to produce a commercial for.

Then everyone will get a set amount of time to pick your roles and attempt to create the most entertaining commercial of the day!  To spice things up, your host will call your team over halfway through filming and pass you a complete list of words that must be included in your commercial, so make sure to bring you’re A game.

A couple of rules to make the Commercial Teambreak team building activity in Leeds a challenge are; all scenes must be filmed in one take and rewinding the camera is forbidden - if you are caught in the act then this will result in negative scoring. Your advert must last at least 1 minute 30 seconds and everyone in your team needs to get stuck in. Once everyone has created their commercial all groups will be judged and the winner will be crowned.


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