Christmas Tree Decorations

Christmas Tree Decorations

If you’re looking to spruce up your festive décor with something new this year, check out these amazing Christmas tree decorations and get inspired!

Easily one of the most exciting parts of the holiday season, deciding on Christmas tree decorations can be tough if you’re really looking to create that cosy winter atmosphere. And with so much choice out there, it can be hard to make a decision. Whether you have a few ideas in mind or you’re completely clueless on what to buy, we’ve found some of the best Christmas tree decorations for you!

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Gold Christmas Tree Decorations

Of course, we can’t forget the classics! Keeping it classy with gold Christmas tree ornaments is always a safe route to go down if you’re looking for a modern and sophis­ticated look. Creating a warm and cozy atmosphere, gold Christmas decor is also great for avoiding colour clashes, as it goes with most other Christmassy colours!

Gold Double Star Decoration - £4.15

Gold Double Star Decoration - Clem & Co

Gold Bells Garland Lights - £25.99

Gold Bells Garland Lights - SparkleLights20

Gold Christmas Tree Topper - £23.99

Gold Christmas Tree Topper - AxonUK2

Gold Garland Tinsel - £6.82

Wired Tinsel Trim Gold Garland - smilemercantile

Rose Gold Christmas Ornaments

Stray away from the standard décor with these gorgeous rose gold Christmas tree decorations. Even just a quick search whilst online shopping shows how popular it is! This trending colour is great if you’re looking to switch things up from the norm without making too much of a bold statement.

Rose Gold Baubles - £15.49

Rose Gold Baubles - CheerfulBargains

Rose Gold Tinsel  - £3.95

Rose Gold Tinsel - HomestreetBoutique

Rose Gold Christmas Tree Bows - £15.99

Rose Gold Christmas Tree Bows - BloomsWeddingStudio

Rose Gold Garland Leaves  - £3.95

Rose Gold Sparkle Leaf Garland - PetalsCraft

White Christmas Decorations

Keep it just like the old songs and bring about a truly festive feel with some classic white Christmas tree decorations. A colour that works will with almost every other festive colour, you can alternate between white and silver Christmas tree decorations if you find that you have more of one than the other

Embossed Star Baubles - £8

Set of 5 Embossed White Snowflake Baubles - SpeckledHand

White Angel Decorations  - £10

White Christmas Angel Tree Decorations - ClayfulThoughts

Luxury White Christmas Baubles - £9.99

Luxury White Christmas Tree Baubles - NicNacKnitsStore

Silver Snowflake Tree Topper  - £16

Silver Snowflake Christmas Tree Topper - DiborHome

Vintage Christmas Decorations

Keeping it original with vintage Christmas decorations is never a bad idea if you’re looking to create a timeless and homely atmosphere. Not only is there a great deal of choice out there when shopping online, there’s also a lot of variety in styles and colours too.

Light Up Christmas Tree Angel - £14.99

Light Up Angel Christmas Tree Topper - CGBGiftware

Vintage Christmas Ornaments - £14.56

Vintage Christmas Ornaments Watercolour Print - MeadowbrookLn

Mini Log Slice Baubles - £2.99

Mini Log Slice Christmas Baubles - HamnettsGoodies

Vintage-Style Christmas Bunting  - £10

Christmas Garland Decoration Vintage Style Bunting - RebeccasLeaves

DIY Christmas Decorations

Tap into your creative side and try your hand at a brilliant DIY Christmas decoration kit. One great thing about shopping online is the abundance of kits like these! Not only is this a fun and inventive way of getting the whole household involved in the process, but also creates something unique and special that you can cherish for years to come.

DIY Fused Glass Ornament Kit - £35

White and Silver Christmas Tree Fused Glass Kit - RedBrickGlass

Copper Angel DIY Craft Kit  - £15

Make Your Own Copper Angel Christmas Tree Decoration Craft Kit - TheDorothyDays

DIY Macramé Christmas Tree Kit - £14.90

DIY Macramé Kit - KnottingHillCraftsCo

DIY Terrazzo Xmas Decoration Kit - £27.20

DIY Terrazzo Christmas Tree Decoration Making Kit - TheCraftingCartel

Unique Christmas Tree Decorations

If you really want to make your tree stand out, opting for a few unique christmas tree ornaments is a great idea! As you can find all sorts of weird and wonderful items in lots of different colours & designs, one or two extra-special ornaments can work really well with your main colour scheme

Hand-Painted Wood Slice Baubles - £7

Xmas Wood Slice Baubles - TheMeadsHouse

Rustic Wood Slice Tree Decorations - £9.99

Rustic Wood Slice Christmas Tree Decorations - Elizimmy

Handmade Christmas Hens - £6.50

Liberty Fabric Hens Chickens Handmade Unique Christmas Decorations - MaggieChinnTextiles

Honeycomb Christmas Soldiers - £9.99

Honeycomb Christmas Soldier Tree Ornament - KingoftheAppleTowns


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