Christmas Spy School Challenge in London!

Christmas Spy School Challenge in London!For a totally unique and fun London christmas party idea, nothing beats this light hearted Christmas spy school challenge in London for a company day out with a twist. Find the clues, complete the quizzes and sift through spy themed challenges to find out who killed agent Jones in this fully interactive Christmas experience. Your challenge will be done around the stunning city of London, so make sure to soak up the amazing festive decorations around England’s famous capital!

Because this whole activity is self-run, you get to choose everything on the day including where you start and the time you want to start the challenge too. This gives you the chance to personalise your Christmas event, for example planning other activities before and after the spy school challenge to really celebrate the festive season. All you need for the day is a fully charged phone with the app downloaded onto it, which uses the latest GPS technology for an experience with a difference.

Then everyone can get stuck to the challenges, clues and quizzes to be the first team to figure out what happened to agent Jones and more importantly, who killed him. The mini challenges include taking photos of your group and objects around the city, as well as interactive videos so everyone can get involved with the latest image recognition built into the app. All of the tasks are made to get your team thinking and working together, bringing an element of team building and friendly competition to this hilarious Christmas event.

Within the app, you’ll have the chance to name your team, take some funny team selfies and even message the other teams while tracking their progress on the live scoreboards. All of this will give the sense of competition, so make sure your team brings their A game so you come out on top! Christmas is all about letting your hair down and creating new memories, making this kind of fun and upbeat challenge the perfect way to end your work year.

If you like the look of the Christmas Spy School Challenge in London but want some help organising it, give us a call on 0161 341 0052 and our events planners will be more than happy to give you some more information and plan the whole thing for you.

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