Fun Christmas Baking Ideas

Christmas Baking Ideas

Get your baking hats on and your aprons tied as it’s time to get Christmas baking! Don’t forget to leave Santa a slice…

Christmas baking can be enjoyed by anyone during the festive period, whether you’re actually getting involved in the baking or are just happy enough to eat the product! We have compiled together a selection of Christmas baking ideas which will definitely get you in the mood to have some festive baking fun. Read on to find things such as gifts for bakers, cake decorating ideas and some christmas baking recipes!

The Ultimate Christmas Baking Ideas!

The Best Christmas Baking Recipes!

We can’t claim to be experts when it comes to baking recipes, but we do know what tastes good! So, we have collected some of the most popular xmas baking ideas online for you to get stuck into! Here’s some of the best Christmas desserts and the links to their recipes.

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Unbelievably Easy Mince Pies

A favourite for many when it comes to the festive period, mince pies are a small, sweet pie filled with dried fruits and spices (mincemeat). It takes around an hour to make this Christmas dessert, which means it’s a fun Christmas baking idea that you can make on your own or even with the kids! Take a look at the BBC’s unbelievably easy mince pies recipe.

Chocolate Yule Log

Taking only 30 minutes to prep and a short 10 minutes to cook, a chocolate yule log is a staple for many families and households at Christmas time. This Christmas baking idea is great for those who like to get decorative with their Christmas desserts. Doves Farm has an amazing chocolate yule log recipe!

Christmas Pudding

This Christmas dessert take a little longer than the others to complete, we’re talking around 2.5 hours to 3 hours, but it’s worth the effort! A Christmas pudding has been part of many British family festive traditions for years. The BBC have yet another fab recipe for this Christmas pudding.

Gingerbread Men

Gingerbread men are fun Christmas bakes that the whole family can get involved with. They are super fun to decorate with ingredients such as chocolate buttons, raisins, or smarties! The more decorative you get the more time they will take to make – but simple ones will take on average about an hour in total! Here’s a simple recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction.

Cake Decoration for Christmas

Looking for some cake decorations for Christmas? We’ve pieced together a handy collection of all the christmas cake ideas you will need for the festive season! From Christmas cake tins to Merry Christmas cake toppers, take a browse at all these cake decorating ideas for Christmas.

Christmas Cake Toppers

Cake toppers are a fun, easy and cheap way of decorating a cake! Christmas cake toppers can come in many different styles, such as merry christmas cake toppers, ho ho ho cake toppers and many more.

Browse the Christmas cake toppers below and click the images to buy!

60 Piece Christmas Cupcake Topper - £3.99

60 Pieces Christmas Cupcake Toppers - Amazon

Green Merry Christmas Cake Topper - £5.99

Green Merry Christmas Cake Toppers - Amazon

Christmas Cupcake Toppers x72 - £12.77

Christmas Cupcake Toppers - Amazon

Merry Christmas Tree Cake Toppers - £6.98

Merry Christmas Trees Cake Toppers - Amazon

Christmas Cake Embossers

Embossers are used to add a design into your cakes. Christmas cake embossers are in an abundance lately, with heaps of designs and sizes available to buy online. Check out some of the festive embossers we have found below!

Click the images below to add them into your online basket!

Rudolph Christmas Embosser - £8.99

Rudolph Christmas Embosser - Amazon

Santa Christmas Cookie Embosser - £8.99

Santa Christmas Cookie Embosser - Amazon

Christmas Themed Embosser - £8.99

Christmas Cookie Cutter and Embosser - Amazon

Christmas Mitten Embosser - £8.99

Mitten Christmas Cookie Embosser - Amazon

Christmas Cake Tins

If you’re planning on baking some desserts at Christmas, you’re going to need a Christmas cake tin to store them in. You can buy personalised tins to make it extra special, it could even be a gift to the baker in your family!

Fancy buying one of these trays? Simply click the image below!

Hemisphere Cake Pan - £7.99

Lakeland Hemisphere Cake Pan - Amazon

Christmas Tree Shape Cake Pan - £7.59

Christmas Tree Shape Cake Pan - Amazon

Christmas Mousse Cake Mould - £14.98

Christmas Mousse Cake Mould - Amazon

Santa's Sleigh Loaf Pan - £37.35

Santa's Sleigh Loaf Pan - Amazon

Christmas Cake Ribbons

Christmas cake ribbons are a simple and stress free way of sprucing up any dessert at Christmas! As you can imagine, they come in a large variety of colours, designs, fabrics, and sizes. So, check out the collection below and see if any take your fancy.

Wide Christmas Ribbon - £11.99

Wide Christmas Ribbon - Amazon

Christmas Vintage Truck Ribbon - £17.99

Christmas Vintage Truck Ribbon - Amazon

Merry Christmas Ribbon - £6.99

Merry Christmas Ribbon - Amazon

Snowflake Christmas Ribbon - £7.59

Christmas Ribbon Snowflake - Amazon

Christmas Cookie Cutters

Everyone at some point has had Christmas cookies… So, keep the tradition going by making your very own Christmas cookies. To do this, you may find that you want to get yourself some Christmas cookie cutters to help you along the way. Click the images below to add them into your Amazon basket!

Christmas Cookie Cutter Set - £6.99

Christmas Cookie Cutter Set - Amazon

Festive Cookie Cutters Set of 7 - £5.50

Set of 7 Christmas Cookie Cutters - Amazon

Plastic Christmas Cookie Cutters - £6.99

Plastic Biscuit Cutters - Amazon

Xmas Biscuit Cutters - £9.99

Xmas Biscuit Cutters - Amazon

Gingerbread House Kits

There’s no need to fret if you don’t have time to cook up your very own gingerbread during the festive season. Simply have a browse at the gingerbread house kits we have listed below and get them into your basket by tapping the photos! Not only do they save you time, but they have everything you need in one place!

Ginger Bread House Baking Kit - £8

Ginger Bread House Baking Kit - Amazon

Christmas Gingerbread House Kit - £9.95

Christmas Gingerbread House Kit  - Amazon

Make Your Own Gingerbread Kit - £12.99

Make Your Own Christmas Gingerbread House Kit - Amazon

Gluten Free Gingerbread House Kit - £9.99

 Gluten-Free Christmas Gingerbread House Kit - Amazon

Baker Christmas Gifts

Got a baker you need to buy a gift for Christmas? Don’t stress, there’s plenty baker Christmas gifts knocking about the internet which you can nab at anytime you like. Sometimes finding Christmas gifts for a baker can be difficult due to the pure abundance of options! There’s anything from aprons, to christmas baking tools such as personalised bowls, spoons, and electronics.

Give the photos a click to get the products straight into your basket!

Personalised Baking Set - £22.99

Personalised Baking Set - Amazon

Baking Queen Baking Set - £24.99

Baking Queen Cake Stand  - Amazon

Funny Baking Apron - £12.99

Funny Baking Aprons - Amazon

Baking Queen Baking Apron - £13.99

Baking Queen Apron - Amazon

Christmas Baking Accessories

Christmas baking accessories are in abundance online. From cutters to festive utensils and tray moulds, you will be able to find everything you could want on Amazon. Check out the list below of some fun Christmas baking accessories which you can order straight away by clicking the photos!

Christmas Engraved Rolling Pin - £10.99

Christmas Engraved Rolling Pin - Amazon

Festive Embossed Rolling Pin - £10.99

Christmas Embossed Rolling Pin - Amazon

Present Box Sweet Mould - £10.99

Silicone Present Box Mould - Amazon

Xmas Candy Mould Trays - £10.69

Xmas Candy Mould Trays - Amazon

Need More Inspiration?

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