What Team Building Event Best Suits Yor

Sometimes when organising a team building event it is hard to decide which event is right for you and your team.

We have a wide range of team building events to grow and develop you and your team. With plenty of events for your team to take part in we offer a hassle free, professional and friendly service at a great price providing our services to all over the UK. From paintballing in the breath-taking Lake District to having a wild time with Zorb Football in London. And here are a few activities we think are great to consider.


If you fancy giving your team a rush of adrenaline, Paintball is the way to aim towards. Paintballing is not only huge fun but also gives you a great workout and offers the perfect chance to communicate tactically with your team members. Yes, you know what people say… it does hurt, but the pain is part of the fun and makes the game more intense.

Zorb Football

Fancy knocking a footy around with your colleagues but need that extra added fun? Well Zorb football is the answer. Sure, football is fun but Zorb Football is even better as you laugh and bash your way around the pitch. They do say that laughter is the way to a closer friendship and Zorb Football is plenty of it. If you’re looking for a hilarious event for team building, choose Zorb Football!

Pizza Making

One of the best team building events is one that involves food, especially if you have a group of foodies with you. This Pizza Making interactive activity is a great way for everybody to bring out their creative side and get competitive as a group. There is no better way of gaining confidence and creating friendships then putting to the test who can create the best pizza!

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Escape Rooms

Looking for a team building activity with a difference? Then why not choose a tense Escape Room experience where you and your team will be forced to bond together and solve intricate puzzles to escape! Escape Room events are CPD accredited for corporate training and makes for a brilliant way to bring the team together while pushing your brain to its limits to overcome the puzzles.

Cocktail Making

If you fancy something a little calmer, a cocktail making class is a great way to bond and build your team. Make your dream cocktail with a 90-minute session, offering free tasty drinks to your team by the plenty! Sit back and relax and watch the cocktail maker work their magic to bring you an entertaining show and most importantly, an evening to remember.

Last pro team building tip from us, make sure you also choose the right location for your team event. From team building in Newcastle to heading up to Scotland and everything below, consider carefully how far you want to take your team before the task seems more daunting than constructive for all.

If you would like the ideal Team Building event today, please view our 50+ destinations and 500+ team building activities all over the UK and let us do the organisation for you. Happy Team Building folks!

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