How to Include Children in a Marriage Service

How To Include Children In A Marriage Service

If you’re a family with children, it can be a difficult task to implement your toddlers and babies into the marriage service seamlessly.

Although kids can be lovely, those tiny humans are also very unpredictable when it comes to occasions like a serious wedding! Keeping a chorus of children quite while you say your ‘I do’s’ can seem impossible, but we’re here to help. We have a quick guide on the best ways to include children in a marriage service and the wedding in general. Once you have your expectations in check, see what tips and tricks you can take away for the upcoming nuptials.

Althought you're reading about how to include your little ones into your speical day, the one place where you most likely won't want your children involved is your hen party or stag do.

Including Children in the Marriage Service

1. There are some obvious ways that you can make sure the most important children in your life are including in the big day. First and foremost is the positions of flower girls and page boys! These little roles in the marriage service were basically invented with kids in mind. Especially toddlers love to carry objects and feel important, so flower petals and rings are the perfect go to. This position in the procession is also small and short-lived, so no pressure on the little ones being on their best behaviour for too long.

2. A common way that the bride and groom can keep track of children in a marriage service without having to worry is adult allocation. This means that one adult (preferably one that the children knows) is in charge on one child. Friends of family or cousins who don’t have a huge role in the service are the perfect candidates.

3. Distractions! Small, quiet toys to keep the kids entertained while you’re tackling this important milestone are a game changer. We like to think of this similar to a plane journey. Whatever toys you think would be appropriate for a packed flight will probably work just as well at the marriage service.

How to Add Kids into the Wedding?

Sometimes it’s best to keep the children away from the serious marriage service and have them join in on the wedding. Plenty of couples opt for this and it works wonders! There’s plenty of ways to implement tiny tots into the before, during and after of the big day.

1. DIY décor

This is a winner for children and a budget-friendly wedding. Before the day rolls around, have the children get creative with a selection of DIY crafts that you can add into your wedding. Personalised place cards and abstract bunting are both cute ways to make sure the kids are part of your big day.

2. Give them gifts

On the morning of the wedding it’s common for the bride and groom to give each other a morning gift. If your kids are with you while getting ready, think about giving them a special gift they can cherish forever.

3. Include them in your vows

This one works a little better with older children who understand the sentiment! Make sure to show your appreciation for the kids in your vows and tell them how much they mean to you while you’re taking this big step.

4. A memorable performance

This is a risky one but making time for a little performance from the children will definitely make your wedding stand out from the crowd! Let them get creative with it and give all the kids in your wedding something to look forward to in the spotlight.

Wedding Activity Books

Keeping the kids entertained is a key part of including them in a marriage service, especially if you want to avoid any disruptions. Make a kids corner or table and fill the area with activity books and small toys! We've found some cheap books for you...

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Preparing for All Scenarios

The best way to prepare for all scenarios is to set realistic expectations. If you’re including your own children in the marriage service, you already have experience with their unpredictable mood swings. If it’s other people’s kids, keep in mind that a marriage and wedding can be a long day for a little human. Above all that, have faith that the most important people in your life will do everything they can to make sure your day is smooth, stress-free and memorable. We can provide help and advice with a variety of different scenarious and situations, from weddings to parties, we even offer fabulous baby shower ideas if that's what you're looking for.

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