Cheeky Naked Butlers Hen Party!

Cheeky Naked Butlers Hen Party!Have you planned a hen party but feel like there’s something missing? Or maybe you just want a relaxing night in with the girls and something extra? Then a naked butlers hen party would be perfect to spice up your special night!

A naked butler is a great way to make your hen party memorable, and can be added to an evening or just on its own, with the ability to hire as many butler’s as you want or need. These naked butler’s are there to serve you for a whole 2 hours, providing the whole hen group with drinks, food and some fun hen party gamesto create an exciting atmosphere.

All of our naked butler’s are fit, charming men who only wear a short apron while serving you whatever you need throughout the night. They will be happy to go along with chat and jokes with your whole hen group, so don’t be afraid to get to know your friendly naked butler on your special night. If you prefer, they can just stick to serving your every need it’s totally up to you.

The Naked butlers hen party has been very popular over the years, and is great for adding onto another activity, especially mobile ones that you will do at home or your own venue. These good looking butlers have been very popular in major cities such as Leeds, London and Manchester as an additional treat for the bride to be.

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As well as serving and laughing with you and your friends, the naked butler can travel to any location and venue of your choice. So it’s totally up to you whether you want to hire a private room or simply have the naked butler come to your house. All you need to worry about is sitting back, relaxing and having a hen party to remember while being treated like a princess!

Don’t hesitate to call us on 0161 341 0052 if you fancy a naked butlers hen party for your hen day or night, and let our events planners organise everything for you and create the perfect, hassle free hen party.

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