CHEEKY Glasgow Beer Babes Stag Night!

CHEEKY Glasgow Beer Babes Stag Night!Stuck on what to do for your stag night out? This Glasgow beer babes stag night is a great way to kick off any celebratory night with something a bit more exciting than your average bar crawl! Head to the culture rich city of Glasgowand be completed catered for in the city’s finest bars, by the city’s finest ladies. This one-night package keeps the celebration short and sweet, so you can go all out for a night full of babes, beers and good times.

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When you arrive for in the day, you can get straight to checking into your 3-star hotel in the city centre, before settling into your rooms and getting freshened up. All of the hotels facilities will be on offer throughout your stay including their restaurant if you want to grab a bite to eat before heading out. When you’re ready to go, the beer babes will be waiting to chaperone your night in your first city centre bar.

The beer babes bar crawl stag night lasts all evening and guides you round 4-5 bars, giving you entry into all for less hassle of the night. Depending on the amount of guys you bring, there will be 2-4 beer babes allocated to looking after your every need, specifically your drinking ones! Throughout the night your babes can collect a kitty and buy all the drinks, so you can relax and enjoy the varied bars around Glasgow. They’ll also get you free shots at all the bars for a real party atmosphere, and play some drinking games with the whole stag group.

One of your babes will always be on hand to make sure the lads having flowing drinks and are always entertained, even the shiest friends will come out of their shells with these hilarious babes. When the bar crawl is finished and you feel like you can party on, the beer babes will lead you to one of Glasgow’s popular nightclubs, and leave you with free entry so you can end your exciting stag night on a high. When you’re all partied out, your hotel will be waiting just a short taxi ride away with a hot breakfast to cure your hangovers in the morning!

Do you want this Beer Babes stag night? If so, give us a call on 0161 341 0052 and our events planners can give you any other information you need, or simply organise the whole experience for you to take the weight off your shoulders.

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