Cheap Ideas for Stags on a Budget

Stags on a Budget

Getting married is a wonderful thing but damn if it isn’t expensive!

As if paying for the wedding wasn’t enough of a struggle, you’ve also got to figure out how to afford a worthy stag do. It can seem overwhelming but don’t stress because we’ve got some cheap stag do ideas that will save you money without compromising on the fun factor.

Choosing the best stag destination is key for groups on a budget. 

Budget Stag Do Ideas

Aside from adding cheaper activities and experiences into the stag weekend, there’s a few tricks of the trade you can implement to get your money’s worth – per group and per person. Before you start stag do planning, consider going the extra mile to make sure all the guys get the most bang for their buck!

The Early Bird Catches the Worm!

I know this isn’t a classic stag party move, but the earlier the planning gets underway the better. The lowest prices, the best deals, and the easiest negotiations are always months before you go on the last night of freedom. If you’re groom to be comes to you with the announcement of a wedding, get the ball rolling as soon as you can lads.

Proactive Stag Weekend Planning

Instead of typing “stag do activities” into Google and landing on the first link you see, dig a little deeper for the best prices. Reach out to multiple companies and compare prices, get a few quotes and try a little haggling if you feel daring enough.

Choose When to Spend vs Skimp

There’s some elements of a stag weekend that you have to splash the cash on. Proper transport, good accom­moda­tion and a booze kitty is the holy trilogy of spending. But there’s also factors that you can cut out without feeling pressure, like ridiculously expensive fancy dress, tons of eating out and gifts.

Ask the Groom

A great way to find cheap stag ideas and places to cut costs is by asking your best pal in question. Don’t stress over little extras that the groom to be might not even want!

Top 6 Cheap Stag Party Activities

1. Smartphone Pub Treasure Hunt

This experience is a fun activity plus a chance to explore your chosen stag do location! With a GPS app downloaded onto your phone, split into teams and compete through hilarious questions and challenges to earn points against one another.

2. Paintballing

A stag weekend staple, paintballing is both high-adrenaline and a budget stag weekend idea for all the lads to sink their teeth into. Plus, a little friendly competition never hurt anyone.

3. 5 a side Football

If your mate is a footy fanatic, keep things simple with a kickabout between all his best friends and closest family. Cheap, cheerful and sure to be an activity he’ll enjoy!

4. Man vs Food Challenge

A challenge and experience rolled into one, see if your groom to be can tackle a mammoth plate of food while being timed. This sorts out your meal for the stag night too.

5. Beer Tasting

Head to a city centre venue to taste test a collection of delicious meals, plus indulge in as burger meal too. Predrinks, food and an activity ticked off the list under one cost!

6. Escape Rooms

A bit different to your classic stag activities, throw the group in the deep end with a challenging escape room.

What About Cheap Stag Weekends Abroad?

A lot of guys choose to go on a stag do abroad to get away from all the rain and try something a bit different. If you’re heading out of the country, you’ll have extra costs like flights and transport – but also extra ways to enjoy cheap stag do ideas!

Lower Prices

Firstly, a lot of European stag do destinations are cheaper than cities in the UK anyway. Prague has always been popular, and places like Warsaw and Budapest serve beer cheaper than water.

Flight Hacks

Although flights are an added cost that you wouldn’t have otherwise, there’s ways to get the cheapest flights possible for your chosen date. Skyscanner can help literally scan the whole web for the best prices.

Go East, Pay Least

A motto to live by when it comes to travelling abroad! Bratislava, Any Polish city and the Czech Republic are just some examples of locations that have cheap booze and even cheaper activities!

Free Stag Party Resources

In the first stages of planning, you shouldn’t have to pay to stay informed. We created a best man guide packed to the brim with tips, planning advice and freebies to use on the last night of freedom.

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The overall hub for everything stag party planning. As well as cheap stag ideas, you’ll find planning tips, tricks of the trade and advice from past best men for all things stag weekend and wedding too.

Stag Do Games

We’ve gathered all the best, funniest, rudest and downright outrageous stag do games into one place so you can pick and choose without spending a penny.

Stag Do Accessories

Rather than spending the big bucks on accessories, have a glance at our guide. It tells you some free ideas, cheap stag ideas for fancy dress and DIY tips to make your own.

It’s never been easier to be a group of stags on a budget, and the world wide web makes planning a stag do a dream. We offer a variety of stag do activities to match any kind of budget, UK and abroad.

It’s never been easier to be a group of stags on a budget, and the world wide web makes planning a stag do a dream. We offer a variety of stag do activities to match any kind of budget, UK and abroad.

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