Red Nose Day Celebrate with a Dance Party!

Celebrate Red Nose Day with a Dance Party!Red nose day is right around the corner and what better way to celebrate it than by making a fool out of yourself on the dance floor? Dance parties are a wicked way to celebrate a special occasion with your friends. You can choose from a wide variety of different dance party themes, from thriller to single ladies.

You’ll go through a dance routine step-by-step with the help of an experienced instructor. You’ll learn all the moves one by one before you eventually put it all together in a full routine. You’ll be dancing in a private venue in the city centre. Spectators go free so your elderly relatives can laugh at you too!

Dance Themes include Burlesque, Cheerleading, Grease, Dirty Dancing, Can-Can, GLEE, Thriller, 80’s, Chicago, Salsa, Strictly, ABBA, Single Ladies, Kylie & Gangnam Style, plus many more. Whether you’re just dancing for fun or really want to learn the moves, there’s something for everyone with hen party dance classes. You could even do a sponsored dance party to raise money for red nose day and bust a move for a good cause!

It doesn’t matter how skilled you are (or aren’t!), everyone is sure to have a great time, with the instructor taking things at a slow and manageable pace that’s tailored to everyone’s abilities.

So don’t miss out on a fantastic time and book a dance party today!

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