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Creating Hassle-Free Experience, Worldwide

Creating a hassle-free experience, worldwide.

Why Join Us?

We’re an ever-growing, collaborative & inclusive company based in the heart of Chester whose goals is to save groups time whilst they’re creating memories.

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Our Apprenticeship Program

One area of the business that we’re extremely proud of is our appren­ti­ceships! 85% of the staff working at Funktion Events today came through as apprentices, learning and earning on the job.

To show off just how successful our apprenticeships have been, have a peek at our apprenticeship videos to get a better idea of how apprentices work for us & our staff.

Current Apprentices

We make a huge effort to constantly fill the team with aspiring young people who are eager to learn on the job through appren­ti­ceships. In this video, you can see just a handful of our newest colleagues who are at different stages of their course in different departments of Funktion HQ. We’ve had staff complete Level 2, 3 & 4 apprenticeships over the course of 4 years with us and stay on after for a full time position. Alongside college work, a selection of our staff have completed other online and e-courses to aid in their job roles and personal development.

Senior Staff Journeys

As they say, the proof is in the pudding and staff staying on and climbing the business ladder is the best evidence that apprenticeships can be successful with hard work and support! Aside from the MD Jay, all the senior staff currently within the company came on to initially complete an apprenticeship of their own.

This has proved invaluable for the work they do on a daily basis, but also in supporting other staff as they work their way through their courses – because everyone has been in the same shoes. The attitude to learning that comes from completing an apprenticeship has also followed our senior staff as they complete courses in management and other key respon­sibi­lities.

How We Hire?

We stick to a couple of key factors for employees when hiring, all to keep the workplace culture we love in the business. Personality-wise, we’re always on the look-out for keen, enthusiastic people who enjoy a great work-life balance but are always gearing to grow.

The Events Industry

Funktion Events falls under the fast-paced events industry, providing a service to consumers who want to book occasional parties, group activities & team building events. The industry always keeps the job interesting with unique events to organise and customers from all over the world.

Our Workplace Culture

From day one, Funktion’s core culture is an always-developing dynamic team rich with staff who are constantly looking to improve. In-house, we’re always testing activities before our customers and using creativity to hit goals and boost our website.


We extremely passionate about promoting diversity in the workplace. We are proud of our demographic and this means will not discriminate against race, ethnicity, age, education, sexual orientation or any other factors.

We know that by tackling discrimination and offering a diverse environment our staff feel more comfortable and represented, as well as our customers.

Training for Our Future

We’re passionate about colleagues having the time and freedom to develop into their best selves through training and development with industry leading courses & qualifications.

Working Environment

Our Chester-based office overlooks the impressive amphitheatre in the Roman city, placing us right in the centre of the action! Although Cheshire is our home, we organise experience throughout the UK and worldwide.

Funktion Events Career Paths

Events Management – Working as the first line of contact for customers to help take stress off their shoulders with event knowledge & experience.

Administration – The backbone of the business, keeping all the cogs turning with strong links to everyone & everything in the business.

Marketing – The creative background of Funktion, focusing on website development and digital marketing to reach consumers all over the globe.

Senior Roles – Every path in Funktion has the option to lead to senior roles that you can grow your skills into. We hire with the goal of constantly developing staff!

Want to learn more about Funktion Events? See our Work For Us page, or have a look at our Current Job Vacancies.