Your Team vs. The Crystal Maze

Effective teamwork is essential among any group trying to achieve any task and is not to be unde­res­ti­mated. But can you find out the teamwork skills of your group in an informal, fun setting? You can with Funktion Events…

As individuals, we are capable of producing quite a lot of interesting stuff. As a team though, you can multiply the amount of stuff by the number of people in the group. The best way to discover a team’s prowess, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of individual team members, is to set that team a challenge and here we have two ideas that will certainly put them to the test.

Crystal Maze Challenge

If you haven’t seen the Crystal Maze then you haven’t lived. And, if you have seen it, then you will definitely recall being vastly jealous of those intrepid contestants as they played the various games before heading TO THE CRYSTAAAAL DOME!! Here, they would be surrounded by gold and silver tokens in an artificial hurricane and would have to collect as many gold as possible while avoiding the silver. It was magic.

You can now live the dream and become a crystal maze contestant, along with the rest of your team. Yes, this is the team building activity extra­or­di­naire and will encourage your team to bond together as they solve the maze. It features all four zones with a wide range of games in each and of course there is the crystal dome challenge at the end of it all.

Stop the Clocks Challenge

Each team gets a big coloured clock in this challenge, which is placed at an equal distance away from them. Then the challenges start coming thick and fast, with team members stopping their timer as soon as one is completed. There will be medals for the team with the lowest accumulated time at the end of the day, by which time you should be pretty well bonded as well as quite tired out!

These are just two of the exciting, unique and effective team building ideas available from Funktion events. If you want to discover more (though frankly we can't see why anyone would do anything other than being in the Crystal Maze!) then they are right here for you.

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