Bridge Build Team Building in Harrogate

Bridge Build Team Building
  • Bridge Build Team Building
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Activity Details

  • Design & engineer a bridge
  • Teams build each section
  • Creates one long bridge
  • Remote controlled car finale

The perfect activity to get everyone co-operating together, Bridge Build team building in Harrogate is a fun alternative to effectively improve commu­nica­tion skills. Separate teams must take control of designing and building different sections of the structure where a radio-controlled car must eventually cross. Each section must join up securely so commu­nica­tion across the board must take place if it’s to be a mission success.

What’s Included

  • Teams will be allocated a section where they are required to design, create and build a section of bridge
  • Each section must connect with other team sections
  • Great for getting all teams working colla­bora­tively
  • Once the bridge is completed, nominate a driver responsible for negotiating a radio-controlled car across the bridge, against the clock
  • Other challenges on the day include things like best design, fastest lap, best section…
  • Fully managed event


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