Bridge Build Team Building in Cardiff

Bridge Build Team Building
  • Bridge Build Team Building
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Activity Details

  • Design & engineer a bridge
  • Teams build each section
  • Creates one long bridge
  • Remote controlled car finale

A fun experience that all of you will love is the bridge build team building in Cardiff. See how well you work with the task of creating a bridge. In smaller groups make your own section of the bridge and put it all together before seeing if it will withstand the ultimate test. You will then have to take a remote control car and drive it across the bridge you’ve built to see how well the structure is. it will definitely be an experience that will get you all thinking.

What’s Included

  • Teams will be allocated a section where they are required to design, create and build a section of bridge
  • Each section must connect with other team sections
  • Great for getting all teams working collaboratively
  • Once the bridge is completed, nominate a driver responsible for negotiating a radio-controlled car across the bridge, against the clock
  • Other challenges on the day include things like best design, fastest lap, best section…
  • Fully managed event


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