Boot Camp Team Building in Nottingham

Action Boot Camp Team Building in NottinghamTeam building is an important element in any business, so why not have an exciting experience that will be fun and something different for the whole team to say thank you for the hard work and build new relati­on­ships within the company. This action boot camp team building in Nottingham is a great way to get the whole team stuck into a variety of challenges and fun mini events creating a jam packed day that’s fun and a little bit challenging.

This action boot camp day includes three unique activities that will test you in different ways including a full assault course, a laser tag session and an army style boot camp. If you want a team building activity that’s a bit more physical but a lot of fun for everyone, then the action boot camp is great as you can choose the pace and how much of the activities you want to take part in. All three activities will be based in the stunning woods of Nottingham with several acres so you can enjoy the scenery while getting physical with this outdoorsy experience.

Your group will be led through the activities by a professional instructor, who is on hand to teach you some tips and tricks for all the equipment as well as provide some direction and morale support throughout the action boot camp. You’ll have the chance to battle various obstacles on the assault course, be the best shooter in laser tag and complete your very own team building boot camp, making this event something to remember.

Everything you’ll need for a good day will be included, such as all the protective gear and equipment within the activities. This makes the activity a little more stress free for your organiser, and means you can solely focus on having a great time and working together to make your way through the boot camp. Whether you just want some light hearted fun for your team building experience, or you’re looking to generate a bit of friendly competition, this three-hour session is the perfect choice.

If you want the action boot camp team building in Nottingham activity completely organised for you or you’d just like more information, call us on 0161 341 0052 and our events planners will be happy to help!

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