Nottingham Blindfolded 4x4 Driving Hen Party

Blindfold 4x4 Driving Hen Party in NottinghamRace your way to victory with a hilarious twist in the blindfold 4x4 driving hen party in Nottingham, and have lots of laughs to celebrate your special day. This activity is perfect if you’re looking for a thrilling idea for your hen party that incorporates a bit of friendly competition and is bound to make some funny memories for you, friends and family.

This 4x4 driving is an experience like no other as you are completely in control of a 3 and a half ton, heavy duty vehicle with absolutely no sight! Throughout your time driving you will be solely guided by your hen group who will give you instructions about directions and obstacles around the track in Nottingham. This makes for a light hearted and funny hen party activity, as well as tests the trust between friends and family.

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All of the tracks are off road and have both difficult and easy parts so you can really get the most out of the session and vehicle. The whole activity lasts about an hour, giving you enough time to go through a safety brief and everyone in your hen group have a go behind the wheel and guiding each other. Whether you’re driving or directing, this hen party is a really fun and completely unique experience for all.

There will be an event supervisor with you in the vehicle and before you start to give you some tips, as well as provide you with all the equipment you need for the activity. If you’re looking for something totally stress free and a bit different for your hen do, a blindfold 4x4 driving might be just what you need! Even if you have younger members of the hen party attending, they can still join in directing you around the track so that everyone is involved on your special day.

Let our events planners help you organise a day to remember with this blindfold 4x4 driving hen party in Nottingham or just give you some more information and call us on 0161 341 0052.

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