What Are the Best Ways to Keep Teams Engagement for Remote Employees

What Are the Best Ways to Keep Teams Engagement for Remote Employees

When work life looks different, employers need to adapt engagement tactics for their best working asset.

No matter what your work social looked like, it was an important factor in building workplace relati­on­ships. Co-workers will be missing that afterwork drink, that half an hour lunch break or that Friday afternoon quiz. So how can you keep team engagement for remote employees without all these effortless social settings?

Team Engagement Ideas

Checking in on regular video calls is a good way to make sure your employees are happy and not feeling isolated. It’s especially helpful to incorporate a video call for a casual catch-up, not work related.

Creating memorable and interactive experiences at home is the best way to ensure your team are engaged and motivated. Team events from home have numerous benefits including; increased commu­nica­tion, employees feeling valued, streng­thening workplace relati­on­ships and helping mental health whilst working from home. If you're looking for a face-to-face event, see our socially distanced events for ideas.

Setting out clear goals, duties and respon­sibi­lities throughout the remote working period is vital if you want to avoid any confusion and ensure your employees stay motivated and hit their deadlines whilst at home. According to a study carried out by the University of Cardiff, 39% of remote workers often worked extra hours to get tasks their done or to help out colleagues – so making the most of this may prove very beneficial for your team.

Colla­bora­tion is key! It’s all well telling your employees what needs to be done and expecting them to do it, but this will not keep them engaged. Actively including your employees in the idea planning and strategy process will give them the colla­borative time with their colleagues to inspire one another and understand the reasoning behind their work. This is one of the many employee engagement ideas that gets lost when not in the office.

What About Employee Engagement Ideas?

Peer to peer feedback is a super easy way of ensuring your employees still improve and develop their skills as they work from home. Receiving feedback on their work will help motivate employees and make them feel recognised and empowered. Even more so if rewards are handed out to those who are doing excep­ti­onally well! It’s also great for checking and monitoring the standard of work being carried out across the board.

One to One Check-ups can often slide out of your priority list when dealing with a big team. Especially for less confident team members, it's important to provide a space they can talk in. Whether they have an issue, grievance or everything is fine.

Statistics to Show the Benefits of Remote Experiences

Across the world, there has been a 2500% increase in the investment of remote, interactive events due to the high shift into remote working! See our top virtual team building activities.

Remote working can potentially make your employees feel isolated, which as a consequence reduces productivity by up to 21%. A great way of reducing any feelings of isolation is by hosting a virtual event!

Giving your employees the platform to bond and become familiar with one another during a event will produce a positive increase in performance over time. A 2006 Harvard study shown that performance is enhanced when working with a familiar team. 

People who have a close friend at work are less likely to look elsewhere for a job and are more invested in the company, with employee satisfaction increasing by 50%. Virtual experiences are a fool proof way of creating friendships amongst your employees.

Data collected from TeamBuilding.

What Employee Engagement Activities are on the Market?

The Virtual Social - This event is the perfect swap for the classic afterwork quiz – just online! This includes an interactive quiz platform and live event host. You’ll need to break into teams and go head to head across 8 different challenges. Use your teamwork skills and general knowledge to earn points for your team.

Virtual Cocktail Making - This provides each participant with an at-home cocktail kit full of the same ingredients and equipment. Then, you can log on and learn how to make the drinks from a cocktail mixologist.

Virtual Rogue Agent - You’ll work together in breakout groups of 6 participants to find a rogue agent from the spy system. This timed event includes an interactive interface filled with clues and codes. Put your heads together to try and collect evidence before your time runs out.

Virtual Chocolate Making - Chocolate making is a hands on event that’s run through a video conferencing platform such as Zoom. Everything else is the same. Each person will receive a kit, a chocolatier will run through the basics and you’ll learn a new skill by the end of the session.

Virtual Team Activities

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We have over a dozen virtual team activities on offer that can be run for any group size in any location, globally.

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