Best Restaurants in Glasgow

Best Restaurants in Glasgow

It can be hard trying to figure out the best place for some food, especially if you are with a large group and you have to please everyone.

We have done all of the hard work for you and put together a tasty list of all the Glasgow restaurants that you could consider enjoying. Whether you are fancying a pizza, burger or a big steak we have found all the best and most popular restaurants that are dotted all around the city centre of Glasgow. And we’re sure from this list you will find a number of places that your group will be dying to head over to.

Best Restaurants in Glasgow - Romans Pizzeria Bar

1. Romans Pizzeria & Bar

Sometimes there is just nothing better than a delicious pizza and at Romans Pizzeria & Bar that’s exactly what you will be able to get. This inde­pen­dently owned and ran restaurant will be the perfect place to head. You can enjoy their modern take on pizza as they put a unique spin on the classic Romana style pizzas. You will be spoilt for choice with their menu as they also have pasta dishes on the menu as well as classic Italian desserts like tiramisu.

26 Candleriggs | Website

Best Restaurants in Glasgow - Ox and Finch

2. Ox and Finch

Ox and Finch is a contemporary venue that serves an array of unique and tasty tapas style dishes. The restaurant itself has an extremely casual vibe and is a trendy place to head for a bite to eat with friends. Their menu also changes throughout the months so no two visits will be the same when it comes to the tapas dishes on offer. The menu itself is also extremely affordable and there will be plenty on the menu that everyone will enjoy.

920 Sauchiehall St | Website

Best Restaurants in Glasgow - Mini Grill Steakhouse

3. Mini Grill Steakhouse

Known for being one of Glasgow’s best kept secrets and a place where you can enjoy a variety of delicious traditional gastro dishes that will have a range of unique Scottish twists. Whether you are looking for a delicious burger or even a steak you will be able to enjoy exactly that here. All of the beef that they use is locally produced and you can also look forward to an amazing service that will be provided by the workers here.

244A Bath St | Website

Best Restaurants in Glasgow - Swadish

4. Swadish

If you are looking for some modern Indian cuisine in the heart of Glasgow city centre, then you will love Swadish. Ran by a husband and wife who love the flavours, colours and smells that are produced with this cuisine. Here you will be able to tuck into some delicious Indian dishes that will give you a great idea of what Ajay learnt when he was a young chef in Punjab! As well as your traditional Indian dishes you can also enjoy some amazing homemade desserts.

33 Ingram St | Website

Best Restaurants in Glasgow - Saint Judes

5. Saint Judes

Whether you are after a bite to eat or a drink with friends, Saint Judes in Glasgow will be the perfect restaurant for both. With fresh and delicious food with a huge array of options available for everyone to enjoy. It won’t be hard finding something amazing to eat here, from nachos to halloumi fries, burgers and steaks even some delicious chicken wings. It’s the perfect place to head to line your stomach before you head out for some drinks.

190 Bath St | Website

Best Restaurants in Glasgow - The Fish People Cafe

6. The Fish People Cafe

If you are fancying some seafood there is only one place to go in Glasgow and that is The Fish People Café. A restaurant that serves the finest quality fish and shellfish that Scotland has to offer. All of the sea food dishes also have a modern twist on the classics so some of these dishes you may not have seen before. And inside the interior is like a French style bistro which is extremely aesthe­tic­ally pleasing for most visitors.

350A Scotland St | Website

Best Restaurants in Glasgow - Mozza Glasgow

7. Mozza Glasgow

Everyone loves a good pizza and at Mozza a good pizza is exactly what you will get. Mozza create a true Neapolitan pizza with some incredible taste and flavour that will create one of the best pizzas that you have ever had. And if all your group are fancying a pizza then you will 100% love heading here for your evening meal. All of the pizzas are cooked on a wood fired oven and you can enjoy almost every type of pizza that you can think of.

39 Renfield St | Website

Best Restaurants in Glasgow - Number 16 Restaurant

8. Number 16 Restaurant

If you are looking for a cosy place to head for a delicious bite to eat then you will love the Number 16 Restaurant in Glasgow. Here, they offer great quality food along with a friendly service so that you have the best experience whilst dining. Number 16 is proud to bring fresh and unusual ideas to the modern Scottish cooking. And all of their dishes you will enjoy and find delicious, it’s the perfect place to head for any sized group too.

16 Byres Rd | Website

Best Restaurants in Glasgow - Paesano

9. Paesano

Enjoy some authentic and traditional Napoletana pizza in Glasgow thanks to Paesano Pizza. They pride themselves in being the first to bring this style of pizza from Naples all the way to Glasgow. So if you are wanting some delicious pizzas that are created in Artisan built wood fired ovens then you are definitely in the right place. The food here is delicious and the dough for the pizzas is like no other, you will be impressed when your pizza arrives at your table.

94 Miller St | Website

Best Restaurants in Glasgow - Wee LOCHAN

10. Wee LOCHAN

A restaurant that serves an evolving Scottish menu inside of a modern venue. It’s the perfect place to head if you are wanting a Scottish feel to your meal along with special deals throughout the day at different times in the week! The menu is always changing too which is what makes Wee LOCHAN so popular with all of its visitors. As well as its ordinary menu it also has a Sunday menu that has a set price but is perfect for large groups.

340 Crow Rd 

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