The 11 Best Restaurants in Budapest

Best Restaurants in Budapest

The only way to truly explore the Hungarian capital is by keeping yourself re-fuelled with the best restaurants in Budapest.

Feeling hungry in Hungary? We’ve got just the guide for you! Below you’ll find the best places to eat in Budapest no matter what you’re looking for. From cheap eats to fine dining, local cuisine to greasy favourites and everything in between. Make sure you dine like royalty while on your trip this this stunning city. Before you jet off, let us lend you a hand with our mouth-watering guide to the best food in Budapest below.

Best Restaurants in Budapest - Lucky 7 Burgers

1. Lucky 7 Burgers

The clues in the name at Lucky 7 Burgers in Budapest. This laid-back eatery is the home of big, juicy and delicious burgers with a range of interesting toppings. If you’re looking for good restaurants in Budapest for a quick bite to eat, this popular place is perfect. Choose from classic hamburgers chicken burgers or step out of your comfort zone with options like the Hungarian burger. The restaurant also serves a variety of different cocktails, so could be a top place to kick off a night out with some grub.

Piarista u. 1 | Website

Best Restaurants in Budapest - Hungarikum Bisztr

2. Hungarikum Bisztró

If you want a deep dive into Hungarian culture, we highly suggest trying Hungarikum Bisztró for some local cuisine. This venue is one of the top restaurants in Budapest for traditional dishes such as goulash soup, dumplings and Hortobágyi” Crépe just to name a few. Inside, the décor reflects tradition and creates an inviting atmosphere with wooden seating and warm decoration. Hungarikum Bisztró will give you a quick insight into the traditions in Hungary and local ingredients that create delicious flavours.

Steindl Imre u. 13 | Website

Best Restaurants in Budapest - KönyvBár & Restaurant

3. KönyvBár & Restaurant

KönyvBár & Restaurant is the ultimate indulgence with gourmet style dishes and more expensive prices. The perfect place for a treat or special occasion, this unusual venue takes inspiration from a library lining it’s walls with books. They constantly update their themed set menu to bring the diners an delicious experience to remember. From Hungarian classics to 5 course taster menus, KönyvBár & Restaurant definitely has the wow factor. We also have a list of the best bars in Budapest!

Dob u. 45 | Website

Best Restaurants in Budapest - Meatology

4. Meatology

If you’re a true meat-lover at heart, there’s no better place to try than Meatology. With two locations across the city, this venue has been one of the best restaurants in Budapest since opening in 2016. Their motto ‘slow food, fast’ refers to aged, dried and cured meat served to you on the day. Try a variety of unusual meat-orientated dishes spanning from classic beef cuts to duck legs! The venue itself offers a laid-back way of dining with high seats, long wooden tables and a lot of natural light.

Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 15c | Website

Best Restaurants in Budapest - Bp BARbq

5. Bp BARbq

If Meatology doesn’t tickle your fancy, we guarantee that BP BARbq will! Situated in the heart of Pest, this meaty food joint offers a huge variety of meat-based dishes, fish and vegetarian alternative to suit everyone in your party. The venue boasts an American-style eatery and is one of the best places to eat in Budapest for quick, delicious and filling food for all. Top tip for tourists – if you’re looking for a monster dinner, try one of BP’s BBQ plates.

Akácfa u. 24 | Website

Best Restaurants in Budapest - Input Kitchen & Bar

6. Input Kitchen & Bar

Add a splash of colour to your visit with Input Kitchen and Bar, a cool restaurant in Budapest that’s vibrant and friendly. The small bistro with high ceilings is one that welcomes all through it’s doors with both lunch and dinner menus. The menus put a contemporary spin on traditional Hungarian dishes to modern some of the favourites! Pair some local cuisine with delicious and refreshing cocktails to fuel your day of adventures around both Buda and Pest regions.

Ráday u. 30 | Website

Best Restaurants in Budapest - Comme Chez Soi

7. Comme Chez Soi

Are you heading to Budapest for an ultra-special occasion? If you need a restaurant that pulls out all the stops, Comme Chez Soi is the perfect place for you. This venue has been granted the “Best of Budapest” food award every year from 2006 – impressive right? The food is an interesting combination of Hungarian flare and Italian classics to bring you an eclectic eating experience. Between all of the top restaurants in Budapest, Comme Chez Soi has one of the most extensive menus to choose from.

Aranykéz u. 2 | Website

Best Restaurants in Budapest - Twentysix

8. Twentysix Budapest

Probably one of the most unique venues on this list, TwentySix is an absolutely stunning Budapest restaurant situated inside an historic building, where diners sit amongst the leafy plants in the gigantic indoor courtyard topped by an amazing glass roof. On the menu itself, you’ll find an amazing range of high-end dishes with beautiful presentation. It’s no wonder why diners love this place!

Király u. 26 | Website

Best Restaurants in Budapest - Hoppá! Bistro

9. Hoppá! Bistro

Place yourself in the centre of all the action with Hoppá! Bistro which can be found in the downtown area of Pest. On this side of the Danube river you can enjoy classic bistro vibes in between all the hustle and bustle of the city. This is one of the best places to eat in Budapest if you’re looking for a diverse, international venue to suit all taste buds. All their ingredients are locally sourced and presented with care and consideration.

Andrássy út 34 | Website

Best Restaurants in Budapest - Caviar & Bull Budapest

10. Caviar & Bull Budapest

Some say you can’t put a price tag on excellent quality food, and this rings true at the Caviar & Bull restaurant in Budapest. This expensive eatery is highly rated for gourmet style food, outstanding service and memorable flavours. This restaurant puts a strain on using locally sourced ingredients such as gret cattle, paprika and Tokaj wine in it’s dishes. If you’re a real foodie, Caviar & Bull is a great place to broaden your taste buds and treat yourself to some high quality cuisine.

Erzsébet krt. 43-49 | Website

Best Restaurants in Budapest - Smokey Monkies BBQ

11. Smokey Monkies BBQ

For cheap eats in Budapest that still pack a punch with flavour, try Smokey Monkies BBQ in Pest. Just as it says in the name, this BBQ style restaurant takes inspiration from traditional American barbecue. From pulled pork to beef brisket, pit beans and pickles – you’re in for a meaty treat! The prices and portions are both raved about across the city, and the stripped back décor inside means everyone is warmly welcomed for a bite to eat.

Szentendrei út 95 | Website

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