6 Stag Do Cities to Consider

Best Places for Stag Do | See Our Most Popular Cities

Below are 6 cities to consider when planning the stag weekend. There are 3 UK stag do destinations & 3 stag locations abroad worth considering..

With over 100 stag do locations on offer both in the UK and Abroad it can be quite difficult but we are here to give you that helping hand.

6 Popular UK & European Locations

Over the year we have been able to figure out what the best places for a stag do are with the top 3 in the UK and the top 3 abroad!

Birmingham Stag Weekends

City - Birmingham

Known as being one of the major cities of the midlands, Birmingham is one of the best stag do locations.

A stag do in Birmingham would provide the lads with some unbeatable memories thanks to the huge list of amazing stag do activities.

3 Popular Birmingham Stag Do Activities

Nightlife Areas To Visit

  • Broad Street
  • Arcadian
  • The Mailbox

Bratislava Stag Weekends

Best Places for Stag Do | Bratislava

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If you are wanting to surround yourself with amazing views and equally as amazing bars, then Bratislava is the city for you.

A Bratislava stag do is a very popular city for us. In fact, it has the most activities to choose from than any other city abroad!

Popular Bratislava Stag Activities

Extreme Firearm Shooting - Sometimes you go overseas to try out something new and if that’s the case the extreme firearm shooting will be perfect.­ Try your hand at different weapons like the magnum, M16 and the sniper with 75 bullets each you will definitely have an unforgettable experience.

Steak and Lesbian Show - Everyone loves abit of steak, even better when you’ve got a strip show to entertain your group at the same time. Especially when that strip show involves not only one but two gorgeous strippers. Need we say anymore?

Sexy Wake Up Call -  Stitch the soon to be wed up good and proper as he wakes up for his first full day in Bratislava. The look on his face will be unbeatable as he is gets woken up by a stripper right in his hotel room - a trick but also a treat that he won't be expecting!

Leeds Stag Parties

Best Places for Stag Do | Leeds

A stag do in Leeds is like no other. This Yorkshire city provides some of the best nightlife and the best activities.

Perfect for celebrating the soon to be weds final single days, and here are some of the top activities that are great for all types of groups.

Top 3 Leeds Stag Do Activities:

Bubble Football - You will be encased inside an inflatable zorb which will be used as your safety bubble as you bounce and crash your way around.

Smartphone Pub Treasure Hunt - Get the lads out answering questions and solving puzzles and clues as you go in and out of some pubs, enjoying a drink or two along the way.

Archery Battle Zone Tag - The rules are pretty simple, instead of throwing a dodgeball at your opponents you will be using a bow and arrow like you would in archery!

Prague Stag Do Weekends

Best Places for Stag Do | Prague

The capital city of the Czech Republic is the perfect destination for a stag weekend.

A Prague stag do can provide its visitors with vibrant nightlife and exquisite architecture, not to mention their stag do activities.

Must Do Prague Activities

Extreme Firearm Shooting -Try something new and a little bit crazy during your stag do with the extreme firearm shooting. It is the perfect activity if you’re after some excitement. Try your luck with weapons like the M16 and the sniper. You will also have 75 bullets each!

Stag Arrest - A classic stag stitch up always goes down with the group well. Surprise the stag big time with the stag arrest. You will be in stitches as you see his face as he is being told to stand with his hands behind his head and freeze.

Absinth Night - ​The best stag do locations can’t be the best without a bar crawl of some sort. With the absinth night you will have an experience like no other. This Czech-style bar crawl will take you lads into at least 3 different pubs with some complimentary drinks along the way.

Nottingham Stag Weekends

Best Places for Stag Do | Nottingham

A central hotspot for everyone in the UK, a stag do in Nottingham is a stag do that your group will remember for a lifetime.

Its impressive nightlife and epic activities are just some of the reasons as to why this city is such a good place to head to.

Try These Popular Activities:

Bubble Football in Nottingham - Sometimes all a stag do needs is you and the lads running around a pitch in some inflatable balls. And with the bubble football that is exactly what you will get! Treat the stag to an experience full of fun and laughter.

Nottingham Sports Megamix - If one sporting event isn’t enough then you might want to include the sports megamix into your weekend. Add two amazing sporting activities into your weekend and get double the enjoyment for your whole group.

Nude Life Drawing in Nottingham - If you’re looking for something a little bit classier for the stag do, nude life drawing might be just the activity for you. Enjoy drawing a nude female life model as she gets into a variety of different poses all in a private room for your group.

Amsterdam Stag Night

Best Places for Stag Do | Amsterdam

An Amsterdam stag do could provide you and the lads with an unforgettable experience.

Known for its famous Red Light District and its immense amount of bikes that are rode throughout the city. There are also some incredible activities.

Tried & Tested Amsterdam Activities:

Beer Bike in Amsterdam -  Whilst on this boozy beer bike you and the lads will have a one-and-a-half-hour tour with stops along the way.

Heineken Brewery Tour - One of the main reasons people visit Amsterdam, apart from the red light district, is of course the Heineken brewery tour. Get the lads and have a tour around the brewery of a world famous beer, it is a self-guided tour with some beers included.

Red Light Bar Crawl - See what Amsterdam is all about with the red light bar crawl where you will have the chance to explore the sultry nightlife. This 3-hour bar crawl will have you in the depths of the city of sin.


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