Best Man Speech Inspiration

Best Man Speech Inspiration

First and foremost, if you’re reading this post then congra­tula­tions for becoming the best man!

And of course from having the best man title, you gain all of the duties which come with it.

One of the most exciting being the stag do…obviously!

But since you’re reading this post we’re assuming the stag do has been and gone and the weeks are drawing in to the big day - which means it’s time to start putting together your best man speech.

If planning a stag do is still on the list why not check out our Stag Do Activities!

But what exactly is a best man speech?

We’re sure that’s one of the questions running through your mind as you try to put pen to paper to create the ultimate best man speech.

The best man speech is of course a privilege but it also comes with the huge pressure.

Trying to understand the type of guests you’ll be stood in front of whilst making sure you please the bride and groom with some embar­ras­singly funny stories from the grooms past.

Sometimes it can be helpful to get some inspiration from somewhere and luckily enough for you, there are tonnes of websites and blog posts to help you out.

We’ve whittled it down to the best websites to browse through when it’s time to make the dreaded speech.

Still Need to Plan the Stag Do

I Am the Best Man

I Am the Best Man is a website that is based in London made to give you all of the resources that you could possibly need when it comes to the duties of being a best man.

On this website you will find a speech guide, best man speech examples, professional speech writers,jokes and one liners, tips on how to be funny and you can even get your speech written!

The Best Man Speech

The Best Man Speech is very similar in the sense that it gives you all the material you’d ever need to piece together an unforgettable speech.

On this site you’d find hilarious one liners, anecdotes, jokes, roasts, tributes and toasts and if you can’t get inspiration after browsing through this then all we can say is good luck!


Hitched is a wedding planning and inspirations website there to give the bride and groom a stress free and magical experience they’ll remember forever.

But this website also covers everything in between from guest lists to wedding songs and the all-important wedding speeches.

Here is where you will find endless examples of speeches over the years to read over to help gather inspiration.

And if after all of that you still need some help remember you can always ask the people around you, even the Groom!

After all it is his wedding so you want to make sure the speech definitely lies between his guidelines!

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