Hen Do Locations by the Sea

Best Hen Do Locations By the Sea

A seaside city is a great place to go for a hen party away. These beautiful locations are perfect for those looking for a change from the inner city.


You simply can’t have a list of the top seaside towns in the UK without mentioning Blackpool. The famous pleasure beach is a great place to spend the day, with some genuinely thrilling roller­co­asters and of course, the famous Blackpool tower, where you can get a spectacular view of the city and the surrounding coastline. Blackpool’s incredible nightlife makes it one hell of a hen party city, with plenty of clubs and bars for you to lose yourselves in once the sun goes down.


With its beaches and crashing waves, Brighton is an incredibly picturesque city. Not to mention that it has the finest rock candy in Britain. Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s all bucket & spades and 99p ice creams though. It’s a great spot for a hen party with a variety of restless clubs and trendy bars dotted all over the place just waiting to be discovered.


Bournemouth is a city with a laid back, bohemian vibe which is impossible not to enjoy. It doesn’t hurt that it also boasts some seriously beautiful beaches and a shimmering sea like something straight out of a postcard. By night it becomes a trendy party city with plenty of exciting clubs and classy bars for you to visit.


Newquay is an absolutely gorgeous corner of the UK and is chock full of trendy bars and quality pubs for you and the girls to visit. With it’s gorgeous coastline it’s a city with a real summer vibe. As the UK’s surfing capital it’s also the perfect place to catch some waves!

Book with us and you’ll be tucking into fish and chips on a beautiful beach in no time at all. Just watch out for greedy gulls! 

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