Best Clubs in Dusseldorf

Best Clubs in Dusseldorf

At the heart of Germany’s biggest metropolitan area is a party paradise on the Rhine River.

Packed full of unique, exciting and vibrant clubs and live music venues, we’ve put together a list of some of the best nightclubs in Dusseldorf that you need to check out for yourself! No matter what your favourite genre of music is or what your idea of a ‘perfect’ night out is, there’s plenty of fantastic nightlife hotspots to discover and enjoy during your time in the city. If you’re looking to dance ‘til you can’t dance anymore with an all-out clubbing experience or you prefer more relaxed, genre-specific events and live music, we’re confident that you’ll find what you’re looking for on a night out here.

Best Clubs in Dusseldorf - Rudas Studios Club

1. Rudas Studios Club

A former film and sound studio as the name suggests, Rudas Studios Club is a bustling modern venue in the regenerated harbour area of the city. Hosting weekly events on Friday and Saturday nights each week, these exciting club nights last right through the night ‘til the early hours of the morning. People travel from all over Germany and further afield to witness these huge events, and you should too if one happens to be going on during your time in Dusseldorf!

Zollhof 11 | Website

Best Clubs in Dusseldorf - The Tube Club

2. The Tube Club

For those who enjoy an alternative music taste, The Tube Club Dusseldorf is the place for you to head to on a night out. Whether it’s reggae, ska, britpop or just good old rock n’ roll, you’ll find it all playing here… not to mention regular live band perfor­mances. Situated in the heart of the old town area of the city (the “Altstadt”), this nightclub has been a favourite for music-lovers since opening in 1998 and is definitely worth the visit! We also have a list of all the best clubs in Ibiza!

Kurze Str. 9 | Website

Best Clubs in Dusseldorf - AMBIS Club


One of the city’s best live music venues that’s been a favourite with local people for many years is AMBIS Club Dusseldorf. Situated to the east of the city centre in the Flingern-Süd area, this club calls itself home in a former factory building and provides over 900 square metres of space for party-goers for its unfor­get­table club nights.

Langenberger Str. 9 | Website

Best Clubs in Dusseldorf - Schickimicki Club


4. Schickimicki Club

At the heart of this city’s notoriously energetic nightlife scene is Schickimicki Club, a fun and vibrant hotspot that hosts some of the city’s best club & dance nights every weekend. If you’re looking to dance ‘til the sun comes up, this is the place to do it! Playing everything from alternative genres to pop and electronic to 80s, 90s & 2000s classics, this club caters for crowds of all ages and music preferences.

Neustraße 51 | Website

Best Clubs in Dusseldorf - Rex Club

5. Rex Club

Labelled as “The biggest Greek club outside Greece”, Rex Club Dusseldorf brings over the biggest and best Greek DJs every Friday night for an unfor­get­table evening like no other, each with their own unique style. Located right in the centre of the city, the club sits just a stones throw away from Dusseldorf’s main train station. So if you’re staying in the city centre and you’re looking for an alternative place to party with a great atmosphere, this nightclub is certainly worth checking out.

Graf-Adolf-Straße 108

Best Clubs in Dusseldorf - Nachtresidenz Dusseldorf

6. The Nachtre­sidenz

Another fantastic venue that highlights just how wild this city’s nightlife scene is would be The Nachtre­sidenz. Open on Fridays and Saturdays every week until the early hours of the morning, this is one of the most impressive nightclubs you’ll find anywhere in Dusseldorf because of its stunning interior! Situated in a beautiful former theatre building, this venue also hosts talks and events during the day but still makes for an excellent and unique backdrop to your big night out!

Bahnstraße 13 | Website

Best Clubs in Dusseldorf - Kuhstall Dusseldorf

7. Kuhstall Dusseldorf

Literally meaning “Cowshed” in English, Kuhstall Dusseldorf is a staple venue to visit if you’re doing a big night out in the city’s Old Town district. Perfect for those looking for a fantastic all-round clubbing experience, this place is a cult favourite for locals and visitors alike, especially large groups looking to dance the night away ‘til breakfast time! Playing mostly chart music, house, club classics and much more, you’re bound to have an unbelievable night when you combine this with the amazing light displays that go on here!

Bolkerstraße 35 | Website

Best Clubs in Dusseldorf - Ufer 8

8. Ufer 8

Situated inside the city’s town hall, Ufer 8 Dusseldorf sits on the edge of the Rhine River along the popular promenade. Hosting club nights every weekend, this club gears its events towards the city’s younger crowd but still brings in people of all ages that come to dance the night away. During the summer months, the club even makes use of its outdoor spaces by hosting regular electronic music events for visitors. Whether you’re looking for house music or something a bit different, this club plays it all.

Rathausufer 8 | Website

Best Clubs in Dusseldorf - Chateau Rikx

9. Chateau Rikx

Tucked away in the residential neig­hbo­ur­hood of Oberkassel you’ll find Chateau Rikx, situated in a former garage outside the hustle and bustle of the city. A combination of a bar/pub, café and nightclub all under one roof, this place is great to head to both during the day and at night. Throughout the week, the venue hosts a number of different events including stand-up comedy nights, but to really see this venue come alive you’ll have to visit at the weekends when the party is at full volume!

Belsenpl. 2a | Website

Best Clubs in Dusseldorf - SCHAMLOS-Party

10. SCHAMLOS-Party

With over 10 years of history, SCHAMLOS-Party Dusseldorf is a fantastic club night that’s hosted regularly at the ZAKK hub to the east of the city centre. Known for its brilliantly cheap drink prices, this event brings in amazing DJs from across Europe and the rest of the world on a regular basis, so you’ll never be disap­po­inted. Playing everything from techno to house to pop music, this huge space combined with great music is a perfect combination for a great night out in Dusseldorf.

ZAKK, Fichtenstraß­e 40 | Website

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