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20+ Best Bars in Chester

Chester is the location of Funktion Events, who specialise in fun groups activities. As such we wanted to share with you the best bars for groups in Chester.

However we think it’s high time that Chester is recognised for the party city it is, so we’re shining a light on said bars with this list of the best bars in Chester!   Without further ado, here are 29 truly charming, quirky bars in Chester...

29 Bars in Chester to Visit

Bar Lounge - Best Bars in Chester

1. Bar Lounge

Bar lounge is Chester's No1 place to be seen! A cosy and classy bar with a chilled out vibe serving fabulous cocktails & drinks. It’s got a heated patio so you can sit outside and still feel nice and toasty on a cold Chester night. They even give out blankets!

With fairly lights adorning trees on the patio, it’s no exaggeration to say Bar Lounge is beautiful. Get there early as it can become very busy quickly.

For a stylish and unique night out in Chester, Bar Lounge is absolutely essential. See the best 10 cocktail bars in Chester here.

75 Watergate St | Website

Revolution Bar - Best Bars in Chester

2. Revolution Bar

Revolution is a highly successful chain of bars and one of Chester’s most popular cocktail bars.­ With a simple and unpre­ten­tious aesthetic, Revolution is a bar any group will feel comfortable in.

There’s 30+ unique vodka flavours to choose, from jelly baby to extra hot chilli! The shots in Revolution’s alcoholic crop are the most popular and is what makes it truly distinct from the rest.

Activities we run here:
Cocktail Making Classes | 2 Course Meal

106-110 Foregate St | Website

The Botanist - Best Bars in Chester

3. The Botanist

The Botanist is a quaint and spacious bar tucked away on Werburgh Street.­ Its rustic décor gives a comforting and homely feel, with its garden theme, with watering cans and other agricultural accessories adorning the space. 

The first floor is home to an open restaurant and a heated outside area to get some air and a gorgeous inside walled garden. 

Serving a wide range of botanical cocktails and with live music every night, the Botanist is an excellent choice for a hen do in Chester.

This is also featured in our best bars in Birmingham!

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13 St Werburgh St | Website

Slug & Lettuce - Best Bars in Chester

4. Slug & Lettuce

The infamous Slug & Lettuce bar is everything you need in a classic, easy going bar that any kind of customer can enjoy.

Whether you want a quiet drink after work or are looking for a place to kick off a big night out, you can’t go wrong with this newly furnished venue.

As well as boasting some stunning food, they have a killer cocktail list made up of all the classics. The Slug & Lettuce bar in Chester hosts an outdoor space that places you right in the centre of the city, amidst all the night time action!

Activities we run here:
Cocktail Making Parties | Finger Food & Fizz | Group Meals

44 Bridge St | Website

Best Bars in Chester Fun Fact

5. Alexanders

Alexanders is right in the heart of Chester and are well known in the city for their live perfor­mances.­ They have a wide range of acts from comedy, to bands, to burlesque and more, this bar is great for those who love in house enter­ta­inment whilst sipping on their drinks.­ As for drinks, you will have plenty options to choose from. Here are some of the best bars in Newcastle if you want to try out somewhere new.

Rufus Court | Website

The Church Bar & Restaurant - Best Bars in Chester

6. The Church Bar & Restaurant

Huge outdoor area and plays live music most weekends. You can’t help but be impressed as you walk up the path and into the doors.

It’s equally as impressive on the inside as it is out, with stained glass windows, pew like seats and a tremendous organ all making for a bar with incredible archi­tec­ture.

Fittingly, the church serves fine wines and a range of delicious cocktails, not to mention delicious food to go with it. A spacious bar with an indoor and outdoor terrace, Church is a brilliant bar for large groups.

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Newgate St | Website

The Old Harkers Arms - Best Bars in Chester

7. The Old Harker’s Arms

One of the best pubs in Chester, take a stroll along the picturesque canals of Chester and wander into Harker’s. A fond favourite of important looking people having important looking meetings,

Harker’s is a grub pub which anyone will love. There’s nothing like a juicy steak with a delicious lager or cask ale! A lively and sociable atmosphere where chatter and laughter echo through the air.

Harker’s is a warm and friendly pub that you’ll feel right at home at, even if it’s your first time there! 

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1 Russell St | Website

The Coach House Inn - Best Bars in Chester

8. The Coach House Inn

The Coach House Inn claim to ensure the best for their guests.

They carefully select their drinks, which range from wines, gins, beers and much more in order to provide the best product they can. Although it is in the city centre, this bar is ideal for those who prefer a more relaxed environment to drink in.

39 Northgate Street | Website

Opera Grill - Best Bars in Chester

9. Opera Grill

High end bar and restaurant in the centre of Chester. For those who enjoy the finer things in life and unreal live music, the Opera Grill is the place to be.

It’s impossible not to be impressed by the building alone and it only gets better once you get inside. There top floor also has a retractable roof to create a luxurious beer garden when the weather is warm. If you looking for more outdoor drinking spaces for the summer, see our best beer gardens in Chester ranking.

Serving intriguing cocktails, incredible food and an exquisite choice of wines, the Opera Grill is a one of the swankiest bars in the whole city.

3 Pepper St | Website

Popcorn - Best Bars in Chester

10. Popcorn

Funktion Events head office is based right opposite Popcorn. This means the team have had many an after-work drink in the welcoming atmosphere!

This versatile venue is ever-changing to keep up with decor and drink trends and bring their customers the very best. During the day, you can grab some truly unique dishes to curb your appetite. At night, you'll step into a floral bar filled with warm lighting. There's a pool table in one corner and maybe...some secrets downstairs...

In the summer, you can make use of the epic outdoor courtyard around back. This features seating with coverings overflowing with flowers, buds and plants.

1 St John's St | Website

Telford's Warehouse - Best Bars in Chester

11. Telford's Warehouse

This bar overlooks the canal water and has a highly industrial design. It has two floors, the upper area a restaurant and art gallery, the lower area reserved for music nights.

Telford’s Warehouse use local brewers to supply their ales, but also have the finest vodkas, rums, malts and cognacs there are to offer. So, if you want to support the local brewers, Telford’s Warehouse is the place to be.

Tower Warf Raymond Street | Website

Liquor & Co. - Best Bars in Chester

12. Liquor & Co.

Located on the upstairs rows, Liquor & Co. is a laid back lounge bar that’s ideal for…well, enjoying liquor in company!

Simple, rustic furnishings make Liquor & Co. a warm and cosy drinking space, perfect for a chilled out evening. With a long list of fine wines, cracking cocktails, lovely lagers and more, you’re spoilt for choice of delicious drinks.

If you ask around you might even hear rumours about the incredibly trendy secret bar hidden away upstairs! Contact them on Facebook and ask for the caretaker.

 31 Watergate St

Commonhall Street Social - Best Bars in Chester

13. Commonhall Street Social

This well-loved quirky bar in Chester is a true hidden gem.

Tucked away in a back street, Commonhall Street Social is known for their terrace outside which contains a ping pong table, heaters and a BBQ, this bar is great for some chilled drinks. The interior is also very relaxed and is bound to make all guests feel welcome and comfortable.

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10 Commonhall Street | Website

Craft & Company - Best Bars in Chester

14. Craft & Company

If you’re after something edgy, this is the spot for you. Craft & Company offers exclusive booze with a kick-back-and-relax sort of vibe. This is the perfect bar if you’re a lover of your craft ales, fine spirits and everything gin related. One of the best gin bars in Chester.

Don’t mistake this place for just a place to guzzle drinks, you’re in for a treat and a well-rounded experience if you choose to enjoy this central bar.

Although it’s new to Chester, Craft & Company already have a good rep as their popular brother bar Liquor & Co is a well-respected venue just across the rows.

24 Watergate St | Website

Prohibition - Best Bars in Chester

15. Prohibition - Shh! Its a Secret Bar!

Not many people know of this bar as it is not too easy to find if you don’t use maps.

However, once you are in there you will be transported to the 1920’s whilst being spoilt for choice when it comes to what drinks you would like.

So, if you are fancying a throwback whilst treating yourself to some drinks then Prohibition will be great for you.

66 Watergate Street | Try & Find it!

Red Door - Best Bars in Chester

16. Red Door

No prizes for guessing where this bar got its name.

Slap bang in the centre of town, this late bar is the perfect option for a chilled out drink with mates. The Red Door’s resident DJ and it’s dark, moody lighting creates a comforting and relaxed party atmosphere.

With some seriously talented bar staff on hand, you can expect some quality drinks. 

Blossoms Hotel, St John St

Veeno Wine Bar - Best Bars in Chester

17. Veeno Wine Bar

Veeno is an Italian wine bar in the heart of Chester! With its wine rack walls, elegant leather seats and its warm, homely vibe,

Veeno is an absolute gift. Offering a stylish wine lounge, tasting sessions and a wide variety of only the finest wines, all of them made in the family vineyard in Sicily. 

Veeno is a haven for wine lovers everywhere.

52 Northgate St | Website

Oddfellows - Best Bars in Chester

18. Oddfellows

Oddfellows is a luxurious boutique bar that knows how important aesthetic is.

It’s best and most distinctive feature by far has to be the secret garden, a small slice of paradise hidden away within the Oddfellows walls. Here is where you can enjoy a meal or sit at the bar.

The venue has an incredibly varied menu, serving wines, cognacs, whiskey from around the world and much more. They even sell cigars!

Try our Afternoon Tea | Finger Food & Fizz

20 Lower Bridge St | Website

The Cellar - Best Bars in Chester

19. The Cellar

The Cellar is a chilled out lounge bar offering fine wines, strong beers and even some quality cask ales.

Grab a bite to eat and enjoy some great enter­ta­inment too, with live music from 10pm every Friday and Saturday.­ Only 5 minutes from the train station it’s the perfect place to unwind after a long journey into Chester.

The bar is also known for winning the Chester Beer Blog Best Bar/ Pub of the Year for 2016, 2017 & 2018!

19-21 City Rd | Website

Lono Cove - Best Bars in Chester

20. Lono Cove

This tropical themed bar in Chester is the best place to be if you are after some fantastic cocktails.

Alongside cocktails, Lono Cove also serve ales, spirits, wine and champagne. All their drinks are presented beautifully, so if you want to see what they look like, you will have to try them for yourselves.

With bamboo features, flowers and fruit all around the bar, it truly is a tropical escape in the heart of Chester.

66 Watergate Street | Website

Kuckoo - Best Bars in Chester

21. Kuckoo

The boutique bar with it’s never ending set of rock & roll tunes and its distinctive red lighting sets itself apart as a party bar with a difference.

While the lighting may be moody the staff definitely aren’t, bringing an unmistakable and much appreciated enthusiasm to the night.­ One of our writers was given a free shot just for naming the band that was playing!

As for drinks, you can get your hands on a variety of creative cocktails - we recommend the Northern Zombie.

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58 Watergate St | Website

Fiesta Havana Cocktail & Tapas Bar - Best Bars in Chester

22. Fiesta Havana

Just across the street from Kuckoo you’ll find Havana, a cosy Latino bar and restaurant which serves you delectable drinks to the tune of infectious Latino beats.

With music from live DJ’s later in the evening there’s an unmistakable buzz in the air in that’ll have you tapping your feet and nodding your head without even realising.

This little gem made it to the best bars in Chester list because you can grab yourself a mojito and some tasty tapas if you’re feeling hungry.

39-41 Watergate St | Website

The ABode - Best Bars in Chester

23. ABode - 5th Floor

The ABode is one of Chester’s most elegant venues by day or night.

Head up to the 5th floor and discover the impressive brasserie Abode bar, shiny and new after a recent refur­bis­hment.­ With an incredible view of the racecourse and a drinks menu that you won't find anywhere else, it's definitely worth a visit for a touch of luxury.

There’s an extensive range of high quality drinks from a smokey old fashioned to a classic Cosmo. 

Activities we run here:
Cocktail Masterclass | Hen Parties | Team Building Events

Grosvenor Rd | Website

Hickory's Smokehouse - Best Bars in Chester

24. Hickory’s Smokehouse

Know more as a restaurant, however it also boasts a fabulous outdoor area overlooking the River Dee, perfect for a drink or two. Also shows live football and American sports.

Serving beer from Colorado to Mexico, Hickory’s is the place to be for to try some new foreign delicacies.

Tuck into some seriously large helpings of some seriously delicious food. Just the fact they give you maple syrup in little metal buckets gets it a spot on our list. 

Hickory’s even has Goose Creek – American Rye brewed for it exclusively!

Souter's Ln | Website

The Architect - Best Bars in Chester

25. The Architect

The Architect is the heart of Chester when it comes to any event, any occasion and any kind of party. This huge venue houses the original Georgian building as well as an extension in the form of a garden room.

A nice real ale pub in chester which also offers cocktail appetisers and an impressive wine list to satisfy your taste buds. The venue is open and gorgeous during the summer, with a view right across the famous Chester racecourse. Very large beer garden with BBQ's cooking in the summer.

10-11 Godstall Ln | Website

The White Horse - Best Bars in Chester

26. Music Hall Tap

Music Hall Tap is a classic bar that’s perfect for celebrations or just one or two drinks with friends.­ The clean, classic bar has a cocktail list packed with classics, plus some new inventions for you to sink your teeth into. 

The atmosphere is always booming throughout week nights and especially on the weekend, so you won’t be short of excitement here.

It’s strategi­cally placed near a main bulk of bars like the Botanist and Duttons, so you’re just a stones through away from carrying on your night!

2-3 Music Hall Passage | Website

Brewery Tap - Best Bars in Chester

27. Brewery Tap

The Brewery tap is the real ale pub of Chester and exactly what an ale house should be. 

With an enormous variety of beer and cask ales on tap from Chester’s very own brewery “Spitting Feathers”.  The food they serve with it is the ultimate comfort food and a match made in heaven when combined with beer or ale, especially the hot potato wedges.

Visit here when completing our Smartphone Pub Treasure Hunt

52-54 Lower Bridge St | Website

Porta Wine Bar - Best Bars in Chester

28. Porta

Porta offers exquisite Spanish cuisine and some of the finest wine’s in Chester. 

All in a cute and cosy restaurant that loving recreates the feel of a traditional Spanish café.­ It’s simple, unpre­ten­tious and a joy to eat in, especially with food this delicious.

All the Spanish delicacies you’d expect are here in the form of tasty bitesize nibbles which you can share with friends for a wonderful night out.

140 Northgate St | Website

Bear & Billet - Best Bars in Chester

29. Bear & Billet

They say the bear and billet is haunted and in fairness, if I was a ghost then it’d be my first choice.

It’s one of the most popular pubs in Chester and with good reason. 6 cask pumps of Okell’s ales, guest ales and real ciders. It’s a local for many so you can expect a warm and a homely atmosphere.

Last but not least, there’s brilliant live music every Sunday from the insanely talented folk club, who’s music only adds to the lively and fun-loving atmosphere.

Visit here when completing our Smartphone Pub Treasure Hunt

 94 Lower Bridge St | Website

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