20 Berlin Bars You Need to Visit

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If you’re thinking of heading over to the stunning capital of Germany this year or next for your stag do, then you’ll be wanting to know the greatest bars in the city to party.

Berlin is a city renowned for its drink like many other German cities, so you’re going to be spoilt for choice but hopefully our list will narrow it down for you, because let’s face it guys- you can’t visit them all not even the alcohol-loving Father Jack can. Behold, lads! These watering holes are amongst some of the best in Europe, never mind Berlin…

Best Bars in Berlin - Luzia

1. Luzia Berlin

Café by day, bar and club by night, this rowdy place is the perfect party destination for locals and stag do foreigners like yourselves.

Decorated throughout by the local artist known as Chin Chin, it is chic and modern and offers everything you’d expect from a bar with many beers and cocktails for sale. On the weekends, the back room usually used for smoking is transformed into a cool club if you’re in the mood to dance!

📌 Oranienstr. 34 » | Website »

2. Bar 3

If you love to stand around with a pint of Kӧlsch in your hand, then this is the bar for you as the only seating available is bar stools. Taking shape as mainly a large room with a horseshoe shaped counter, this bar is classy and you might even find a popular celebrity roaming around. Have a browse through the best bars in Prague that you may like to go to.

📌 Weydingerstr. 20 » | Website »

Best Bars in Berlin - Bar 3

3. Buck & Breck

Being hidden away right next door to a police station (or should we say Polizeistation), this bar is tiny but packs a punch.

The décor is sophisticated, sleek and modern and adds a real chill atmosphere to a night out. There is a signature cocktail available called the Buck & Breck cocktail which recipe dates back a long, long time.

📌 Brunnenstr. 177 » | Website »

Best Bars in Berlin - Buck & Breck

4. Monkey Bar

This stylish bar is appropriately named since it faces the massive Berlin zoo from the top floor of a majestic hotel in the heart of the city. As you’d expect, this bar is absolutely covered in animal themed décor and it is a treat.

There are plenty of beer options as well as an extemporary cocktail menu. One of the strangest features of the Monkey Bar (very cheeky monkey indeed) are the all-glass restrooms.

📌 Budapester Str. 70 » | Website »

Best Bars in Berlin - Monkey Bar

Best Bars in Berlin - Klunkerkranich

5. Klunkerkranich

Yeah, we know what you’re thinking, this is a bit of a mouthful and not the mouthful you’d like… beer for example. It doesn’t necessarily translate to anything and can be a laugh to shout out loud.

This stylish rooftop bar lets you take in the breath-taking views of Berlin every sip you take from your pint glass and soak up the incredible atmosphere around you.

📌 Karl-Marx-Straße 66 » | Website »

6. BESTE Bar

If you are after a bar that has an amazing atmosphere and drinks to go with, BESTE Bar will be perfect. whether you are a large group or not you will be able to enjoy the evening at this venue. With reasonably priced drinks and an amazing service to go with.

Have a read through all of the best clubs in Berlin for when you're finished around the bars.

📌 Willdenowstraße 12A » | Website »

Best Bars in Berlin - BESTE Bar

7. Madame Claude

Although located in a former brothel, Madame Clause is an upside down bar that now hosts some amazing concerts, DJs and events throughout the week.

Whether you are after a DJ event or a music quiz you will be able to enjoy an unforgettable experience.

📌 Lübbener Str. 19 » | Website »

Best Bars in Berlin - Madame Claude

8. TiER

If you are after a living room style cocktail bar, then TiER is the place to go. With peeling wallpaper, battered furniture and exposed vents, you will find an industrial vibe throughout this whole venue with some classic cocktails made by experts.

📌 Weserstraße 42 » | Website »

Best Bars in Berlin - Tier

9. Das Hotel

A hip bar that locals and tourists both love, Das Hotel will provide you with an experience like no other, candles and flowers fill each room along with some amazing music to give off a unique vibe.

It’s the perfect place to head with your group during a night out.

📌 Mariannenstraße 26A » | Website »

Best Bars in Berlin - DasHotel

10. Prater Garten

From April – September you will find a beer garden in Prater Garten, so if you plan on exploring Berlin around these months then this is the place to go. With tonnes of space to get sat down, this stunning Berlin bar is well worth the visit, especially during the warmer months of the year!

📌 Kastanienallee 7-9 » | Website »

Best Bars in Berlin - Prater Garden

Best Bars in Berlin - Muted Horn

11. Muted Horn

If you are a lover of craft beer and beer gardens, then the Muted Horn is the perfect place to go.

Right in the heart of the city you will be able to enjoy the summer months sitting outside and drinking some of their craft beers.

📌 Flughafenstraße 49 » | Website »

12. Prinzipal Kreuzberg

Prinzipal Kreuzberg provides some of the highest quality cocktails in Berlin.

Whether you are after a cocktail creation or not you will be able to enjoy watching all of the skilled bartenders create some amazing, show stopping masterpieces.

📌 Oranienstraße 178 » | Website »

Best Bars in Berlin - Prinzipal Kreuzberg

13. Stagger Lee

Tucked away out of site is Stagger Lee. An extremely popular cocktail bar that is one of the best places to enjoy a cocktail.

And if you are a cocktail lover, them alone are a good enough reason for you to visit, but if not then you won’t be disappointed when it comes to the atmosphere and vibe of the place.

📌 Nollendorfstraß­e 27 » | Website »

Best Bars in Berlin - Stagger Lee

14. Mikkeller Bar

If beer is your favourite tipple, then Mikkeller Bar is the place for you, equipped with 24 taps, you will be able to enjoy some of Mikkellers own brews and some of the finest breweries from all over the world.

There are also some amazing snacks to devour if you get a little bit hungry.

📌 Torstraße 102 » | Website »

Best Bars in Berlin - Mikkeller Bar

15. Bar Tausend

Bar Tausend is an incredible bar that offers everything you could ever need to make your experience memorable. With an easy going dress code you will be able to sit back, order a drink and watch one of the many live music shows they have throughout the week.

📌 Schiffbauerdamm 11 » | Website »

Best Bars in Berlin - Bar Tausend

16. Studio 8

With delicious cocktails and an amazing vibe and atmosphere you will be able to take your group inside and enjoying all that Studio 8 has to offer. It is the perfect venue for almost everything and anything you may have planned.

📌 Grüntalerstraße 8 » | Website »

Best Bars in Berlin - Studio8

Best Bars in Berlin - Vagabund

17. Vagabund

Vegabund is a German taproom that can provide you lads with some amazing beers. In fact, they have their own brewery which means some of the beers that you will taste here, you won’t get anywhere else so make sure you enjoy all on offer.

📌 Antwer­pe­nerstraß­e 3 » | Website »

18. Newton Bar

Named after Helmut Newton (legendary photographer) Newton Bar is an old fashioned venue that will provide you lads with everything you could ever need.

Black leather chairs, dark wood tables and even a cigar lounge!

📌 Charlottenstraß­e 57 » | Website »

Best Bars in Berlin - Newton Bar

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Whether you or organising a stag do or you just need something to do in between all of your stag do in Berlin it will be extremely useful having these bars at hand.

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