All the B’s for Berlin Stag Night Ideas

Bullets, Boats and Bars in Berlin

Berlin is one of the most party-focused places in Europe and has plenty of unfor­­get­­table experiences in store for stag doers like you.

Berlin is all about the letter B!­ Bullets, Boats and Bars. Browse the top activity choices for each of these categories to make the most of Germany's fantastic capital. Alter­natively, you can go ahead and check out all our a stag night in Berlin.

Berlin Bullets

Berlin AK-47 Shooting

AK-47 Shooting

Now’s your chance to finally wield the powerful yet iconic AK-47, also known as the Kalashnikov 1947. It’s time to put all you think you know from your time firing this beast on CoD into the real thing, but beware- expect a strong kick! Master the world’s most famous assault rifle with 20 bullets for each stag to fire through precise semi-automatic fire.

Hit targets down the range as accurately as you can and get a little competitive with the lads in this top activity choice. AK-47 Shooting is another thing to tick off the bucket list!

Berlin Pistol & Revolver Shooting

Pistol & Revolver Shooting

A similar experience to the AK-47 Shooting, this indoor activity has the lads firing not one, but two different types of weapons. From the old school revolver from the likes of a Smith & Wesson to the more modern semi-automatic pistol like the iconic Glock 17 or Sig Sauer P226, there’s two awesome weapons to try.

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It’s 30 bullets per person with targets to hit down range to see who the better shot is. A great laugh and plenty of friendly competition is sure to be on the cards with Pistol & Revolver Shooting.


Berlin NYPD Firearm Shooting

NYPD Firearm Shooting

First it was one gun, then it was two, but how about 3 different weapons?! NYPD Firearm Shooting offers stags 3 unique handguns to fire with 10 bullets per weapon. The idea is the same as the others, shoot the targets down range as well as you can when aiming down the sights and master the firearms provided.

It’s a bit more varied rather than using just the one or two guns and there’s an English-speaking guide to help you through the event to ensure your friend’s arse stays intact with the bullets going down range safely.

Berlin Boats

Berlin Private River Cruise

Private River Cruise

If you really want to check out the sights and scenes of Germany’s beautiful capital, then take to the waters along the River Spree with a Private River Cruise.

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It’s a 2-hour journey exclusive to your just your group plus the English-speaking guide and captain of the vessel. You’ll learn all about the city’s history whilst cracking open your ice-cold beers, sitting back and relaxing as your cruise along.

It’s the perfect way to chill out with the whole group and be treated like true VIPs! What a way to spend a sunny afternoon.

Berlin Kayak Tour

Kayak Tour

If you want to take to the waters with a more adventurous vibe, then this is the one for you. Rather than be crammed on a boat and not doing any of the work, you’ll be taking the reigns alone in kayaks where you’ll have to use those big biceps of yours to steer the boat along the River Spree.

This wet activity requires a lot more of a physical role but maintains the objective of touring the city and seeing the sights.

If you want a city tour along the river banks but find the Private River Cruise too chilled out for your liking, then our Kayak Tour activity will probably be more your thing.

Berlin Bars

Berlin Bar Crawl with Beers

Bar Crawl with Beers

The title says it all. Our Bar Crawl with Beers lets you experience one of Europe’s top party cities the right way with a guided bar crawl lasting 3 hours. Perfect for kicking the night off to an amazing start filled with booze, you’ll learn where all the best bars are from an English-speaking guide who happens to be a good-looking lady.

Not only will you have great company from your lady friend, but each stag will receive at least 3 beers each, complimented with 3 shots at the numerous bars they encounter. That’s one free drink per bar you visit. Check out some of the best clubs in Berlin for after this experience.

Berlin Smartphone Pub Treasure Hunt

Smartphone Pub Treasure Hunt

The ultimate affordable activity that mixes booze, laughs and competition. On your smartphones, you’ll have to trek all around the city in search of hotspots (which all happen to be at bars) where at each you must complete trivia or a challenge.

Best completed in several small teams, the aim is to score as best as you can at each hotspot to accumulate a score.

Smartphone Pub Treasure Hunt is a great way to explore the city, have a few drinks and have some competitive fun all within one great activity.

Berlin Beerhalls Tour

Beerhalls Tour

It’s no secret that Germany is famous for its many beerhalls and now its your chance to experience two of the most iconic in the capital with our very own Beerhalls Tour. From live bands and compli­men­tary beers to the crazy Germany party scene, it’s the ultimate beer lover’s idea of heaven.

Nothing more can be said except the sexy bar maids in full traditional Bavarian dress and beer freshly brewed behind the counter and… you get the idea.

Explore Germany’s proud culture and world of beer to the fullest with this boozy activity.

Berlin Top Night Out

Top Night Out

Top Night Out can only be described as the mightiest party activity on offer that’s sure to go down a treat with all stags attending your party weekend in Berlin. Let’s sum this up as a 5-hour booze adventure in the heart of the city, taking place across all the best bars you can imagine as part of an epic bar crawl.

Enjoy endless German beers, great party vibes and beautiful women as a stag do should be enjoyed with nightclub entry and strip club entry both being included.

All entry fees will be sorted for you as well as there being a friendly English-speaking guide to look after your needs. Top Night Out makes you feel like a true VIP on your all-important drunken weekend.

Berlin. It’s cool, it’s classy and it’s just a short flight away, so what are you waiting for? Browse our Berlin stag do ideas and make your weekend away something to remember for years to come. If Berlin isn't your bag, don't panic. We have over 65+ different stag do locations on offer both in Europe and the UK to choose from.

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