Take on the Challenge of the Beer Babes Bar Crawl

Beer Babes Bar Crawl Stag DoSo you’re planning your stag do and you’re looking for something that little bit different that everyone will love? Stag parties need to be extremely memorable and this new exciting stag party idea will be just the ticket.

Your sexy beer babes will stay with the stag do all night on your bar crawl, taking you to the best party bars. What could be better than going on a bar crawl hosted by some of the hottest beer babes who will guide you round your chosen city.

The beer babes will also make your bar crawl so much easier, they will order, collect and serve all the drinks at each bar to save you the hassle so you can just have a great time - as well as get you some FREE shots.

So it won’t matter if you don’t know the stag party city you have chosen, just let the beer wenches take control, and capture your stag party bar crawl with their disposable cameras for you to take with you and remember your great stag party evening.

Okay so they look hot and bring you your drinks, what more could you want to make sure you have a fantastic time? Your night will be made into one big party, there will be drinking games, challenges and forfeits all organised by these gorgeous girls.

If this grabs your attention and you want help organising your perfect stag do, call us on 0161 341 0052 and our event planners will be happy to help!                       

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