Babble City Christmas Buffet & Drinks in London

Babble City Christmas Buffet & Drinks in LondonIt’s getting to that time of year when the Christmas party is on everyone’s minds, wondering what celebratory activity you’ll be doing and where it will be held. If you’re looking for a Christmas party idea that’s more light hearted than a formal meal in a plush and classy venue, a Babble City Christmas buffet and drinks in London is perfect! This venue is placed in the heart of London, and offers dim lighting and luxurious seating that will fit the festive theme of your end of year party down to a tee.

The pressure of organising a Christmas party that everyone will love can be quite a task, but this relaxed idea will give everyone the freedom to do their own thing accompanied by tasty food and drink – it can’t go wrong! With the venue being so central, travelling to and from the experience is made a lot easier avoiding any stress and Scrooge attitudes on the festive evening. When you arrive, someone will be there to show you to your reserved area that will be private for you with seating for the duration of your stay.

Once you’ve made yourselves comfortable, there will be plenty of time to order a few delicious drinks with your 2 drinks vouchers per person, whether you fancy a glass of wine, beer or even some spirits to get the Christmas party started. Before the night, you can also add any other drinks or maybe a mince pie or two to the celebration to make it an extra special night, or simply enjoy the buffet to come.

Then let the feast begin with a selection of festive finger foods from the Christmas themed buffet, all varied to suit everyone’s tastes. There will be dishes like traditional Christmas dinner on a stick to warm your bellies, as well as more adventurous choices like smoked salmon pin wheels, all followed by some little brownie treats. Something like a buffet is ideal for a Christmas party, as everyone can pick and choose what they eat while chatting to everyone, creating a great party atmosphere for the rest of the night.

As you have your reserved area all night, after the buffet is complete up to you! Stay and enjoy the rest of what Babble City’s beautiful venue has to offer, or have a quiet couple of drinks before heading home. If the Babble City Christmas party in London sounds like the best way to end your year, give us a call on 0161 341 0052 and our events planners can give you a bit more info, or simply organise the whole thing for you!

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