Are Bridal Jumpsuits the New Trend?

Are Bridal Jumpsuits the New Trend

If you are the type of girl who doesn’t follow the rules and wants to break away from tradition on their very special day, then this trend could be the one for you.

A bridal jumpsuit has been around for years, worn mainly by the top celebs but recently it has made its breakthrough with the public and we are loving it. After reading and lusting over every single one of the dresses from Bridal Fashion Week this year we noticed there was a common change running through all of the designer’s gowns…a jumpsuit. Okay not all of them were jumpsuits but pants were the common change. And everybody is loving it.

Although for some traditi­ona­lists this may be quite a shock but hear us out, nothing shows your confidence more than trading in your tiered tulle for a streamlined silhouette that enhances your assets. If you don’t believe us take Solange Knowles as your inspiration, her wedding jumpsuit is the definition of sleek. But if that still isn’t your vibe and you have always pictured yourself in a gorgeous wedding dress trailing down the aisle, which of course is just as amazing, then how about opting for a jumpsuit option for the evening reception.

Wearing pants for your evening reception means that the dance floor is no obstacle on your wedding night. And you can put all of your effort into dancing with everybody. This way you get to keep it traditional during the day and make a statement during the night, which is when the party starts. And an outfit change mid wedding only means one thing, more photos and who could say no to that on their special day?

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