Any 2 Stag Do Activities for just £54!

Any 2 Stag Do Activities for just £54We know how important it is to have an amazing stag do to remember, so we want to offer you the chance to grab any two stag do activities for just £54! We’ve put together our six most popular stag do activities that cover everyone’s interests, so there will be something to make your stag do perfect for you. Below is some information about all of the activities so you can get a better idea of what this offer is all about.

You can choose any two of these activities:

  • Nude Female Life Drawing
  • Zorb bubble football
  • Old School Sports Day
  • Turbo Cricket
  • Dodgeball
  • Beer Babes Bar Crawl

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Nude Female Life Drawing

Any 2 Stag Party Activities for just £52!A really popular stag do activity in recent years, our nude female life drawing is a completely different stag do that is bound to create great memories for you and the guys. Offering something a little bit naughty, the nude female life drawing is laid back and great for any groom to be looking for a unique stag do that all your mates can get involved with.

The whole session lasts around 60-90mins, and you can do it any time of the day in your chosen city centre location. The instructor will bring everything you need including equipment and of course the model, who you will get to chat with before she gets into a few poses. Don’t worry about not being creative or good at art, as long as you want to get stuck in and have a good time a nude female life drawing stag dois perfect for you!

Bubble Football

Have you ever wanted to play the classic game of football with a hilarious twist? Well zorb football is exactly that and is an ideal stag do activity for any stag who wants a laugh with all his friends, as well as try something different and fun. The whole zorb football stag party you’ll be in a giant body bubble where you can bump, bounce and laugh with your whole stag group.


The instructor will give you a safety briefing and some tips and tricks of how you can master the body zorb, before you have time to have a laugh and practice. There will also be a huge variety of games that are tailored to whatever your stag group wants, including bulldog and hilarious forward rolls. The pitch hire and all the equipment is thrown in for you, so all you need to worry about is having a great time and making some memories with this funny stag do activity.

Old School Sports Day

Two Stag Do Activities for just £52!Your stag do is all about laughing, joking and reminiscing with your closest pals, so why not do this while going back in time to your old school sports day, and have your whole stag group feeling like big kids! The old school sports day stag do activity includes some of the classics like the egg and spoon race, space hoppers and sack race.

If you’re looking for an activity that’s active, wacky and really enjoyable then the old school sports day stag do will be your best option in this two stag do activities for just £54 bundle, with the 1 hour session providing laughs and the chance to get dressed up, as well as bring your competitive streak with prizes and forfeit sheets. Get your whole group involved and bring your A game for this stag do activity, which is sure to create great memories for you to take into married life.


Turbo Cricket

Any 2 Stag Do Ideas for just £52!You might be wondering what a turbo cricket stag dois, and we’re here to fill you in on this new and exciting stag do activity that is perfect for any cricket lovers, or any stag who wants to try something new. Turbo cricket is a short and sweet format of the classic and well-loved game, which gets everyone involved and a little bit competitive.

Most of the rules are the same, however the exciting twist is batsman are allowed to have an UNLIMITED amount of turns, all the players have to bowl and we’ve added 3 overs per innings called ‘Turbo Overs’, where all the runs are worth double! As well as all this, we thought we’d increase the worth of a 6 to 10 runs, making the whole activity something no one will have done and definitely a stag do to remember.


Two Stag Do Activities for Only £52!A classic stag do activity that is loads of fun, dodgeball has been a favourite for years and we can see why. Great for large or small groups that want an activity everyone can get involved in and have a laugh with, dodging, ducking and diving their way to victory in a 1 hour session.

Everything is done for you including the venue, the equipment and the games so all you need to think about is dressing up in either hilarious fancy dress or comfy gym clothes and having a great time. Some of the games include bulldodge, medic and last person standing but will be completely tailored to your stag group on the day, making sure you have the perfect dodgeball stag party to remember.

Beer Babes Bar Crawl

Any Two Popular Stag Do Activities for £52!Fancy a night out with an exciting twist for you stag do? The beer babes bar crawl provides the chance to have a night out to remember, with beautiful chaperones and loads of great bars in the city centre of your choice. The whole bar crawl is fully planned including 2-4 beer babes, a camera, exclusive entry to 4-5 bars and some free shots on the way.

The beer babes bar crawl stag do is full of drinking games and laughs, and will last all evening whenever you want to complete your stag do. With this fun twist on the classic stag do, you don’t even have to buy your own drinks as the beer babes can collect a kitty and keep you supplied all night long!  If you’re looking for a stag do night out that will be memorable and beat the rest, the beer babes bar crawl is right up your street.

Did any of these two stag do activities for just £54 catch your eye? If so let our events planners help you organise everything and give us a call on 0161 341 0052 to create your perfect stag do.

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