Amazing Kids Birthday Party Ideas

Amazing Kids Birthday Party Ideas

Do you have an upcoming kids birthday party that you need to start planning? If so we have some amazing ideas that you are going to love!

Whether you are fancying planning your kids birthday party at home or you are wanting it in a venue around your local area we have some things you may find useful. For a child, their birthday party is something that they look forward to every single year. As well as the excitement of inviting all their friends and having loads of fun together with whatever activities or ideas that you have planned together.

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Children's Birthday Party Ideas

Kids Pamper Party

Pros - You can give the kids a spa experience without going to one!
Cons - A pamper party isn’t for everyone.

Kids Pamper Party

A kids pamper party is the perfect idea if you are wanting something a little more grown up and a little bit different. We offer an amazing kids pamper party that includes either 3 10 minute treatments of a manicure, toenail paint and mini facial. Or a 15 minute hair styling session and a 15 minute age appropriate make over! It’s a great way to give them an experience to remember.

Hire a Bouncy Castle

Pros - Everyone loves a bouncy castle, fun for everyone
Cons - Risk of injuries

Hire a Bouncy Castle

Hiring a bouncy castle is an extremely popular thing to do if you are planning a kids birthday party at home or in a venue. It’s a great way to keep the party simple but still incorporate something that is fun for all of the kids. A bouncy castle is great too because wherever you are based you will be able to hire a bouncy castle near you.


Pros - Plenty of time for them to have fun and enjoy themselves
Cons - You will definitely end up with plenty of tired kids at the end


A sleepover is the perfect way to celebrate a kids birthday as they can get all their friends round, eat some nice food and watch movies. You can really personalise a sleepover too with matching pyjamas from a shop or personalised ones like these pyjamas from Etsy. You could also go all out with where everyone is sleeping with these sleepover tents!

Soft Play Area

Pros - Perfect for kids to go crazy
Cons - There’s risk of people injuring themselves

Soft Play Area

There are always some great indoor soft play areas that you can hire out for a kids birthday party. And usually when you do hire out a soft play area they have packages you can book that will include some sort of lunch and drinks for all the kids invited. A good thing about booking a soft play area is that you also don’t have to worry about anything breaking in your own home, all the kids can go wild in this fun play area.

Kids Birthday Decorations


A banner is the perfect way to show everyone what your celebrating, and the perfect way to decorate the room. You can get personalised banners, banners with the age on and even just simple happy birthday banners! We’ve had a browse through some of our favourite sites and found some amazing birthday banners.

Happy Birthday Bunting Banners - £7.99

Happy Birthday Bunting Banners

Personalised Happy Birthday Photo Banner - £6.99

Personalised Happy Birthday Photograph Banner

Happy Birthday Sign - £4.99

Happy Birthday Sign

Rainbow Happy Birthday Banner - £5.00

Rainbow Happy Birthday Banner

Custom Party Banner - £5.50+

Custom Party Banner

Multicoloured Superhero Bunting - £3.39

Multicoloured Superhero Bunting

Party Hats

Party hats are another great addition that you can have for everyone you invite to your kids birthday party! Whether you have a specific theme or you just want some fun generic birthday party hats. We have put together a list of some of our favourite ones that we have found on Etsy and listed them below for you.

Mermaid Paper Party Hats - £1.25

Mermaid Paper Party Hats

Striped Pastel Party Hats - £8.50+

Striped Pastel Party Hats

Happy Birthday Tinsel Cone Hats - £3.99

Happy Birthday Tinsel Cone Hats

Colourful Party Hats - £8.50+

Colourful Party Hats

Rose Gold Party Crowns - £3.00

Rose Gold Party Crowns

Personalised Jungle Safari Party Hats - £7.50

Personalised Jungle Safari Party Hats

What is a Good Time for a Kids Birthday Party?

For younger kids you will be looking at an ideal time of around 10am to 11.30am for a kids birthday party. If they are older and you want to incorporate some sort of meal then maybe mid afternoon around 2pm to 4pm.

What Do You Put in a Birthday Party Bags?

1. Bubbles

2. Birthday cake

3. Sweets

4. A themed item

5. Stickers

6. Bouncy Ball

7. Balloon

8. Stationery

9. Yoyos

10. Mini games

11. Small colouring books

12. Party whistles

How Many Kids Should You Have at a Birthday Party?

The usual rule is you invite to the party as many kids as your child’s age, plus one. But of course usually especially when their younger they want to invite their entire class. Which is usually a pretty common thing to do. For most function rooms and soft play areas they have a capacity of around 30 children for a party so its good to keep that in mind.

How Far in Advance Should You Send Kids Party Invitations?

Make sure you give at least two weeks but no more than four weeks when it comes to sending out kids party invitations. This way they have enough time to arrange how their getting there and to buy a present but not too much time so that they forget about the upcoming party.

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