Activities to Suit Your Team

Activities to Suit Your Team

When it comes to planning your team building away day it can sometimes be hard trying to figure out exactly what activities to include.

But luckily for you we have tried and tested lots of our team building activities and have put together some of the activities that we feel will be perfect for any type of team whether you are after a fun activity or one to improve team building and breaking the ice between new and old employees. So here are some of our favourites.

Pizza Making

The best type of team building is always the ones which involve food so the Pizza Making team building event will be absolutely perfect. It’s great for after work or in the middle of the day as well as being the perfect experience for throwing your employees into a new situation with an exciting element of fun with it.

Crystal Collection Team Challenge

The Crystal challenge team building team building event is perfect event to encourage team work and cooperation within your entire group. Especially if you want them all out of the office for a few hours and enjoying themselves.

Smartphone City Treasure Hunt

If you want to enjoy the outdoors with your team, then the Smartphone City Treasure Hunt team building event will be the activity for you. Compete in teams against each other with clues, puzzles, challenges and general city trivia. It is the perfect way to incorporate some compe­titi­veness into the day.

Cocktail Making

Shake things up with the Cocktail Making team building event where you and your team can look and feel like the profes­si­onals as you go behind the bar and see if you have got what it takes to be a cocktail connoisseur. You will be able to make 2-3 cocktails each as well as a food platter to share with your group. We also have a virtual cocktail making class that is part of our virtual team building series.

Wacky Wheels

Sometimes it is just that you need a day out of work to have a good old laugh and that’s exactly what you and your team will do with the Wacky Wheels team building event. It gives your whole team the chance to show their creative sideas they battle it out to build their own wacky wheels and then of course see if it can drive.

Pub Olympics

If you are after a fun and competitive twist on an activity, the Pub Olympics team building event will be the perfect choice. It will bring the whole team together with some enjoyable games that everybody will love like table football, air hockey, electric darts, giant jenga, Nintendo Wii, splat the rat and loads more.

And if you are still after some more inspiration for your team building ideas you can get it from all of our team building activities.

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